07 July 2009

CYBER WAR FARE~ May be Used to Attack Iran

Israel-US-British Deadly War Games

UPDATED 8 JULY, the report below is from 7 July, today Presstv is also reporting much the same see my post here after reading the one below:

Well, this just keeps getting more deadly. I’m talking about the Israel-USA-British pact to re-make the Middle East. This just out today; Israel may use Cyber War Fare to attack Iran’s nuclear facility.

This opens up a whole big area of potentially "Whoop-Ass" warfare worry, as the “Un-Holy Group of Three” have the capability to create utter mayhem in the Middle East for centuries to come. If they choose this path, Al Qaeda will become child’s play in contrast to what they will create by continuing to meddle in the affairs of other countries they don’t like. All these groups have already been involved in an attempt to overthrow Iran’s recent elections, I wrote about that here and here where the Obama Plan is to soften the American public up for an attack on Iran.

Back to the Cyber War Fare plan: For instance,using Cyber War Fare they could create a fake missile launch, and then blame Iran to justify an all out Israeli-American attack on Iran. Or they could create some nuclear disaster at Iran’s facility, killing many Iranians. Something like Chernobyl perhaps. Another worrying thing is that not only are US sources being quoted in this article, also British sources from the Janes Publishing Group, AKA MI5, and more here. They are the equivalent of the American CIA. Have a read of these statements below, and then ask yourself if you support the “Change” Obama brings to US foreign Policy.Report below:

The appeal of cyber attacks was boosted, Israeli sources say, by the limited feasibility of conventional air strikes on the distant and fortified Iranian atomic facilities, and by U.S. reluctance to countenance another open war in the Middle East.

"We came to the conclusion that, for our purposes, a key Iranian vulnerability is in its on-line information," said one recently retired Israeli security cabinet member, using a generic term for digital networks. "We have acted accordingly."
Cyberwarfare teams nestle deep within Israel's spy agencies, which have rich experience in traditional sabotage techniques and are cloaked in official secrecy and censorship.

They can draw on the know-how of Israeli commercial firms that are among the world's hi-tech leaders and whose staff are often veterans of elite military intelligence computer units.

"To judge by my interaction with Israeli experts in various international forums, Israel can definitely be assumed to have advanced cyber-attack capabilities," said Scott Borg, director of the U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit, which advises various Washington agencies on cyber security.

Technolytics Institute, an American consultancy, last year rated Israel the sixth-biggest "cyber warfare threat," after China, Russia, Iran, France and "extremist/terrorist groups."

The United States is in the process of setting up a "Cyber Command" to oversee Pentagon operations

Asked to speculate about how Israel might target Iran, Borg said malware -- a commonly used abbreviation for "malicious software" -- could be inserted to corrupt, commandeer or crash the controls of sensitive sites like uranium enrichment plants.

Such attacks could be immediate, he said. Or they might be latent, with the malware loitering unseen and awaiting an external trigger, or pre-set to strike automatically when the infected facility reaches a more critical level of activity.

"Cyberwar has the advantage of being clandestine and deniable,"

"But its effectiveness is hard to gauge, because the targeted network can often conceal the extent of damage or even fake the symptoms of damage. Military strikes, by contrast, have an instantly quantifiable physical effect."
Israel may be open to a more overt strain of cyberwarfare.

Tony Skinner of Jane's Defense Weekly cited Israeli sources as saying that Israel's 2007 bombing of an alleged atomic reactor in Syria was preceded by a cyber attack which neutralized ground radars and anti-aircraft batteries.

"State of War," a 2006 book by New York Times reporter James Risen, recounted a short-lived plan by the CIA and its Israeli counterpart Mossad to fry the power lines of an Iranian nuclear facility using a smuggled electromagnetic-pulse (EMP) device.

A massive, nation-wide EMP attack on Iran could be effected by detonating a nuclear device at atmospheric height.source
So this is the new place for war, at the computer. And not to be outdone, North Korea was behind a recent cyber attack on the USA (gotta give them credit for having the B*lls) read about that here I am reminded of that old Country Joe and the Fish song from Woodstock era. The chorus goes like this:

Five, six, seven, eight
Open up the pearly gates.
Ain't no time to wonder why
Whoopie! We're all going to die.


PlanetMichelle@ said...

you know I have been reading you guys for awhile now. I was reading when you had hope in Obama. Now you've seen the wolf in sheep's clothing and you make no mistake about it. It makes me sad. One of the worst sins is to betray someone who offers to trust you, has given you the benefit of the doubt. Your hope was sweet. Fresh. But shortlived! F* him.

Free Palestine Writers said...

Cheers Michelle,
we never trusted him, but were willing to give praise when due. The problem is all the "goodwill" gestures were only a cover for what was really going on behind the scenes, which is excatly what we began to see regarding the Iranian elections.

the mask has not only slipped, but fallen off now. Obama is a train wreck.

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