19 July 2009

Israel Plotting Evil Again

Well here we go, Israel Propaganda machine spreading garbage again hoping the propaganda becomes "fact" by media repetition. The new "claim" is that "Global Jihadists" are coming into Gaza continually.(did you get that? Continually???) This statement is so full of holes it could be Swiss Cheese. Firstly, what ARE so called "Global Jihadists" anyway? Are they referring to "al-Qaeda" because that is not even remotely happening. Secondly, notice the timing of this "Propaganda" right after the 2 Hotel bombings in Jakarta. After all, Israel has to somehow create a fabricated tie between the bombings in Jakarta to Gaza, even if that means by falsely associating groups that do NOT exist inside Gaza; and then "associate" these false groups, who do not exist inside Gaza, with HAMAS the Gazan Government. This is the Zionist Agenda folks. Next, even IF what they claim was true, and it isn't, but what would that say about Israel's ability to control the borders? If that's the case then continuing the siege is pointless if hundreds of these so called "Global Jihadists" can so easily enter when ever they want to. Actually, if it WERE true, then Israel has ended up shooting itself in the foot logically, so to speak, by actually putting forth an argument that the siege only blocks food and medical aid to the population and does nothing to create security for Israel. Guess they forgot about that one.

IMHO what this is all about is twofold, on the heels of the Jakarta bombings being covered in the news worldwide, this an attempt to continually paint the Gazan Government as "terrorists." But much more sinister, to possibly create yet another reason for a military invasion into Gaza. So, heads up people! They failed to topple the Gazan Government in Cast Lead, now they want another chance. Israel is cooking up something, and it does not smell very nice. Report below:
Israel says foreign jihadists are in Gaza

JERUSALEM — The head of Israel's Shin Bet internal security service says foreign nationals linked to the global jihadist movement have infiltrated the Gaza Strip.

Service chief Yuval Diskin told ministers at Sunday's meeting of the Israeli Cabinet that there had been "a steady trickle into Gaza of foreigners linked to global jihad," according to an official present at the closed-door meeting.

Diskin did not elaborate or cite evidence.

Gaza's Hamas interior minister Fathi Hamad dismissed Diskin's charge as "baseless propaganda." The militant group Hamas controls the West Bank.

He added that "there is no al-Qaida or any other organization in Gaza." link

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Chet said...

Hello Irish4Palestine,

Israel has completely gone psycho.
Check this link out. It would be funny if it wasn't so sick.


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