17 July 2009

Israel's Biggest Problem Not HAMAS

Zionism, Peace, and Israel’s Self Created Problems

By Ban Sidhe at Irish4Palestine

Zionist Israel has a self created problem, but like all movements based on a racist ideology, they tend to begin to self destruct over time, in the light of a world that is beginning to understand that no country, no matter how great, can exist alone. And, for all intents and purposes, Israel IS alone.

Whilst Israel may have some Governmental Political support from within the ranks of major world countries like the US, England, France, Germany and Spain. They gain this support by using arm twisting, coercion, money, and a virtual world wide Borg Collective of lobby groups to both “get and maintain” this support. They do not get this support because they earn it nor deserve it, and thus must continually work 24/7 using everything they have to both monitor and protect this ill gotten support. Whilst at the same time Israel exists not as a free and respected country, but rather as a huge prison, behind walls, fences, barbed wire, check points and borders that must at all costs be continually patrolled in order to protect the criminals inside. This also poses a second problem for Israel. They need to forcibly bring young people into the army to continue this perpetual war and 365 day a year, 24/7 patrolling. So, when the Zionist indoctrination from birth fails in some cases, and a young Israeli sees the truth and refuses to become a prison guard or paid killer, then the state ostracizes them because Zionism is a separatist movement. You are either with us or against us, a Bush/Zionist classic.

The world governments may be blind, but the world’s people are not. Israel’s most serious problem is not what Israel has, but rather what it has lost forever on the heels of the Gaza Genocide. For despite Israel’s ability to effectively control powerful countries like the US, and through those means, then control the UN committees to turn a blind eye. What Israel cannot have, does not have, and cannot buy with all it’s groups and money, is the support of the people on the ground in those very same countries whose Governments turn a blind eye to Israel’s crimes.

I said at the beginning that Israel has a huge self created problem with regards to both having peace and moreover the continued existence of Zionist Israel as it stands today.

I believe that some within the Israeli government have the ability to recognize the future is a grim one, should Israel remain on its present Zionist self created course. However, if you spend years of building up this Racist Zionist Ideology so as to reap the financial and geographical benefits of Aliyah; and at the same time encourage the building of illegal settlements. And allowing the creation of groups and organisations who are encouraged and allowed to work outside the law and even murder with impunity. This, coupled with the fact that no matter what Israel claims, it does actually realise it must change with the times and can no longer get away with what it has in the past, especially after Gaza, so how does Israel put the Jeannie back in the bottle now without some Zionist Revolt against the State and Government? That’s my point.

The Racist Separatist Zionist Ideology encouraged to flourish for years, is now the self inflicted death wound to Israeli Peace and Israel’s existence as we know it today. And it can be no more evident as in the sentiments within excerpts of a letter to the editor of a Jewish paper in America from an American Zionist:
Published: 17 July 2009

The June 26 special report regarding “radical settlers” included articles each more negative than the next. In fact, it seemed that the entire settler movement was guilty by association. Is it wrong for a few aggrieved Jews to take matters into their own hands when faced with Arab violence and Israeli ambivalence?

Is it wrong for some Jews to threaten the soldiers and leaders who plot their violent and undemocratic expulsion from Judea and Samaria?

However, the real cause for what is perceived as “radical settlers” is the marginalization that they have been subjected to by the Israeli body politic. After being actively solicited to settle all of the liberated parts of the land of Israel and having been raised with the history of the Zionist movement, they have now had that support abruptly removed.

They have been inculcated with the belief that Jews living in Judea and Samaria is religiously and historically correct; now due to political expediency they are being sacrificed to satisfy the American administration and the world.

What is even more bizarre is that while Israelis view 260,000 Jews as “settlers” the United States now views over 600,000 Jews as settlers — as this now includes all Jews living in the Jerusalem neighbourhoods annexed by Israel after 1967.

As such, I side with the settlers —

Jews have the right to live in the land of Israel and it is the responsibility and imperative of the entire Jewish people to support this. It was the same during the Persian and Roman times as it is now. Nothing has changed — certainly not this essential truth.
What I can say from experience of the peace process in Ireland; is when you have a movement, you must take that movement’s support with you in order to have any success. This takes time, effort and great leadership in talking to your people about the real politics of the situation. So, if Israel truly does want peace, then they have a huge road ahead of them concerning their own inhabitants. They will have to destroy the monster they created in Zionism. People like to talk about HAMAS and FATAH needing to unite. But even if that took place tomorrow, Israel is FAR behind the eight ball. Because for years Palestinians have had time to adjust to the reality that in today’s world they will only get back the land up to the 1967 borders. They don’t like it, but they know it, and yes I don’t agree with that deal, but it’s the Political reality today. Even HAMAS has acknowledged this in many statements recently and accepts it for peace. Israel, on the other hand, has not spent any time adjusting its people to this very same reality.

So, for Israel, as it turns out today, the years spent successfully encouraging every Jew in the world to come settle in occupied land, operate in lawlessness, commit murder and believe it is their right to occupy all the land will ultimately cause Israel to die at its own Zionist hands.

Zionists will be the destruction of Israel, how prophetic!

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realistic bird said...

Hey Ban, :)

It is not possible for the Israelis to accept anything of the sort because Zionism is their mentality , they want to take everything from others...they live off others so it is not possible for them to think or even attempt to think in another way. Israelis have reached a level where they steal Arabic food and cultural clothes and say it is theirs.

Yes you are right what led to the establishment of the occupation will lead to its end.

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