10 July 2009

More Lunatics Arrive

Just what the world needs, more rabid insane Zionists to help Isra-hell murder people and expand it's land theft. Thank you America.........
Planeload of olim lands in Israel

JERUSALEM (JTA) -- A planeload of North American immigrants to Israel landed near Tel Aviv.

Some 232 olim from North America landed Tuesday at Ben Gurion International Airport on a joint Nefesh b'Nefesh and Jewish Agency charter flight. It is the first of several such charter flights that are expected to arrive this summer.

Some 3,000 new olim are expected to arrive this summer, including 430 new Israel Defense Forces soldiers, 40 doctors and 32 families moving to Israel's North through the new 'Go North' program.

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UJCE-Ciudad Real said...

Ánimo desde España (Ciudad Real), you can be freedon if you resist



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