08 August 2009

Gay Killing Spree~"It's All Our Fault!"

“Zionist Logic” Truly Amazing, “Hasbara” at its illogical best!
The gay killing spree that recently took place in Israel is being internalized, studied and mulled over in Israel. And, the Israeli’s have now decided where to lay the blame for that murder. And just who is to blame? We are………. Yes, that’s right folks. The Zionist logic is at work here in full display as is evident in today’s article in Ynet news.

When I first began reading it, like many others, I expected to see some soul searching, some introspect, some deep thought about the intolerable and deplorable state of Israeli society. And things began well. See here:
Let’s hate them

Gay center killing marks escalation of Israeli hobby of ‘hating the other’

There’s something odd about the fact that only a killing spree at the homo-lesbian center in Tel Aviv introduced the term “hate crime” into Israeli jargon.
But soon the word “Palestinian” and “terror” came creeping in to the mix. At which point I thought to myself “WTF?” A gay killing spree committed inside Israel, by Israelis so how can they tie these two things together? They have a plan actually, here it begins:
As if what we’ve seen thus far were loving and compassionate terror attacks. As if the entire range of Israeli violence – Palestinian terror, Yigal Amir, Baruch Goldstein, or any of your favorite terrorists – did not stem from personal hatred towards an entire community.
How crafty indeed. The direction will now be planted:
At this time it is still unclear whether the murder in Tel Aviv was indeed a “hate crime” against the homo-lesbian community. The murder at the gay youth center can be seen as an escalation in the popular Israeli hobby of “hating the other.” In the framework of the “Israel despises” campaign, we have seen in recent years increasing variety of hatred for others – homosexuals, haredim, Russian women, spinsters, Arabs, and foreigners.
Now will come the justification, victim hood and blame:
This is because in Israel hatred is not a human weakness that must be fought, but rather, a banner to rally around. After all, we are being told, everyone around us hates us – so let’s hate them back.
So, instead of Israel dealing with its vile, despicable, hate filled society, once again they are the “victim” so it’s not their fault. We see this logic in the situation with Palestine. Because of the “holocaust” Israel believes it has the right to now behave like Nazi’s with no excuse other than the tired worn out phrase “Never Again.” So, like the Genocide in Gaza, the Gay Killing Spree can be explained away quite nicely, with no blame what so ever placed where it should have been placed. No one need worry, no need to change, no need to feel badly, it’s not their fault, it’s the “world’s” fault.



realisticbird said...

Hey, hope you are well :)

The Zionists seem to be up to something else too. I don't know if you saw this yet or not so wanted to share it with you.


take care

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Nothing is ever as it seems in Israel. For the past decades Israel has been pushing the gay agenda into North America and all around the world. Why is this? Who had ever heard of Pride Parades 10 or 15 years ago? Now every country has one.

There is something to this. It is a great way do divide peoples, religions, etc etc.

Now a few months ago Israeli press was announcing that many hundreds of thousands of dollars was being spent in Israel alone to demonize Iran and its treatments of gays. They wished to enlist the support of this group.

This murder has the touch of Mossad about it. Remember, anything is possible.

The dead will become fallen heros. Speaking disparagingly of gays will be used to justify the onset of "tolerant issue" you might have.

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