24 August 2009

ILLEGAL ORGAN TRADING~It's Israel's Fault NOT Sweden

Israel’s Self Inflicted Dilemma

The story of 19 year old Bilal Achmed Ghanan has brought more scrutiny onto Israel's illegal organ trade operation. We now know that Israel's blakc market organ trading stretches outside of the US state of New Jersey and directly into Palestine.

The recent article on Israeli Organ Stealing from dead or captured Palestinians published in a Swedish newspaper has sent the Zionists into a “freak-out frenzy” which, I am finding quite comical. For all of the Zionist huffing and puffing and self righteous pontificating, calling for Sweden to “condemn” the printing of said article, but no matter, the real problem is not the fault of this article being published, for the problem is with Israel, not Sweden.

Here’s why. Israel is not seen as an honest entity, and that is not the fault of Sweden or any article written about Israel. Israel has created its own reality, the world has seen Israel’s refusal to admit to any of the atrocities it has clearly committed, many of which have been witnessed by millions of the worlds people. We all saw the genocide in Gaza, the white phosphorous, the DIME missiles, the tanks, the destruction of homes, hospitals, mosques, UN schools, and the death toll of over a thousand civilians and 400 children.

But as always, poor Israel is the victim and the whole world is suffering from Anti-Semitism. I wrote about this organ harvesting the other day and immediately had a visit from one of the many outraged Zionist propaganda filth spreaders who made this comment:
Anonymous said...
My friends told me that, I've never been to Sweden, but in the name of free speech I can report this rumour.
Just like your newspaper repeats the words of Palestinians.

Do you understand now the difference between reporting and libel?

Cheers from Israel.
Ok, let’s take this diatribe apart:


Anonymous said...

And of course as we can see in his diatribe, he is attempting to equate a sexist slandering of Swedish Women with a report of possible crimes committed in a country………….apples and oranges, but hey, nice try Mr. sexist Zionist.

Next he says this:

My friends told me that, I've never been to Sweden, but in the name of free speech I can report this rumor.

Firstly the journalist has been to Palestine to investigate this and talk to witnesses first hand. Secondly he has spoken to a family claiming to be a victim of this and providing photographs. The journalist does not have the authority to investigate Israel for this crime, and he would get nowhere in any attempt to do so even IF he had that power. As Israel does not even cooperate with the UN when it wants to investigate Israeli war crimes that are documented with photos and experts. So his rant above in which he claims there is no verification fails, as Israel does not cooperate in any outside investigations, therefore one can only rely on witnesses and victims to come forward with their stories. Just like the vast collection of evidence of war crimes in Gaza. Israel would like you to ignore those as well, and only believe Israel’s non-verified version of events. Yeah, right.

Next he says this which is truly quite “telling” and is the crux of the Zionist outrage:

Just like your newspaper repeats the words of Palestinians.

What he really means is how dare anyone listen to those disgusting Palestinian animals. How dare anyone give any heed to what they say? In other words Palestinians should not be allowed to tell of the atrocities committed against them by Israel, and if one should dare to speak out, no one should listen. Sorry, but the rest of the world views those people as human beings with equal rights to be heard. So his statement there is a clear example of the superiority and racism of Zionists in Israel. What people should think about here is that for the first time a huge amount of focus is on the Palestinian people, thanks to Israel's genocide. Due to that fact, more and more journalists are going to Palestine and this allows for the first time many Palestinian victims to speak out. So I would expect more of these reports to surface over time as Palestinians finally have someone willing to listen to what thye have endured for years.

Lastly, the biggest fail of all in his “Zionist Logic” he says this:

Do you understand now the difference between reporting and libel?

Well, actually Mr. Racist Sexist Zionist, I do understand the meaning of “libel”
Now he is clearly confused when he talks of “libel” because Israel is not a “person” but a country. As such is open to criticisms. No difference between the torture claims of prisoners and the families of those detained forever in Abu Ghraib against the USA, and this Swedish reported claim against Israel. No difference. And, if Mr. Racist Sexist Zionist believes his own nonsense, then perhaps he should contact the Israeli government and petition them to sue in international court. Then there can be a full investigation into these organ harvesting and trading claims. Ah, but I’ll bet we would never see that happen, because Israel is far too afraid of any investigation………….

Now, back to why this is Israel’s own created problem: When the many international organisations call for war crimes investigations, Israel blocks them, refuses to cooperate and continues to spread lies and disinformation. Because of Israel’s long history of non-cooperation, refusal to admit or allow the UN to investigate and refusal to admit it’s crimes an errors, or even show a grain of humanity and apologise to the innocent victims. Instead of all of this protecting Israel, what it has actually done is to cement into the minds of millions worldwide that Israel is a rogue state that lies and hides behind its borders and its American backers.

So, when an article like this is written, no amount of hasbara can make the reader believe Israel is innocent, because we have all been taught otherwise by Israel itself.

Additionally, it is not Sweden’s fault that a journalist published what a source told him. That’s called journalism and free speech. The journalist only reported what was told to him by those who claim they have either witnessed this or been a victim of it. So, when viewed in that light every newspaper around the world would quickly go out of business. All those stories in your local paper that report what the journalist was told by the victim or witness, from automobile accidents, hit and runs, airplane crashes, murders, fights, anything anyone witnessed, any claims of police brutality, any claims of fraud, cheating, all of those are victim or witness reports. Just like the Swedish article was. The only difference is its about another Israeli crime, and it just so happens to fall on the heels of Israel being found doing much the same thing in the state of New Jersey in America. And given the view Israelis have of Arabs as animals that exist for the use of Zionists, it’s not too difficult to believe what the victims told the Journalist.

So, Israel has a history of dealing in black market body parts in America and other places, and Israel runs and hides from in UN investigations, and runs away from proving it has nothing to hide, and that cannot be blamed on an article, but rests solely at the feet of Israel. The Zionist state of Israel has created this world view of a rogue state answerable only to itself. And they can’t blame that on Sweden! UPDATED, you may be interested in read THIS


Noor al Haqiqa said...

Well that idiot has gone to every site discussing this organ theft and left the exact same comment. To the letter. I have seen it three or four times. I refer to this person as anony-Mouse because they never post their name. Which, as far as I am concerned invalidates what they say because they are too cowardly to leave a name.

james said...

Well said. Very nicely taken apart, indeed, I4P.

Anonymous said...

That person is probably part of the newly recruited Israeli online Trolls. I have simply not bothered to post up comments like that but it's good that someone takes the time to answer them back.

Michelle said...

I'm still trying to figure out what Sweden is suppose to condemn! Is the damn thing true or not, that's what we are waiting to hear, isn't it? I would like to hear a defense! You can't be accused of something and just get indignant and leave it at that! Like yell out "you fkers" and have nothing else to say! hehe, that's what that comment amounted to and the same response of Israeli leadership!
Oh yes, we are discussing Israel, the folks who live in a parallel universe!

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