24 August 2009

Megrahi Release~Scotland Stands Up To America

Or, America attempts to meddle in another country again PART 1

Three cheers for the Scottish Nationalists for standing up the American bullying over the release of Mr Megrahi.

Before I get into America’s meltdown, I want to say there are some “funny” things about this situation. Firstly it is being reported that the release comes due to a deal for oil between Brown and Muammar Gaddafi, this may true, and maybe not. What has been revealed is that a letter was sent to Scotland outlining Englands legal standpoint should a release be approved. For those who do not understand Scotland, whilst they are part of the UK, they have their own government and their own laws.

Scotland has jurisdiction because the Pan Am jet was blown up over Scotland on Dec. 21, 1988, killing 259 people on board -- most of them Americans -- and 11 people on the ground. Scotland, which is part of the United Kingdom but has its own devolved powers, including its own parliament and a separate legal system,

Scotland's first minister, Alex Salmond, who effectively functions as a prime minister in the country of five million people, rejected Mueller's accusations, saying Scotland had done what it had to do according to its own legal system.

"We have to consider a compassionate release application, not sought by us but made by Mr Megrahi, in terms of Scots law. We have to consider these incredibly difficult decisions and make a decision without fear or favour on the basis of the Scottish legal system," he said. link
This letter from Brown, served to confirm that England had no jurisdiction over any Scottish decision, should one be made. Additionally, Brown sent a letter to Muammar Gaddafi asking the any release be “low key.” However, what Americans may have no idea of, is that many in the UK do not believe Megrahi was guilty, and firmly believe there is much more to this than meets the eye. So, his release will conveniently ensure that the truth will never come out in any appeals trial, which was cancelled just before his release. Can you say Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm???? And then there is THIS little piece of information that possibly points to a fiddle in the first trial.

Aside from this, the important thing to point out is the it was Scotland’s legal system that allowed this decision and as Scotland is a democracy with it’s own legal system, then the US should respect that. But, as usual, we see the so called “Greatest Democracy” in the world, once again attempting to meddle in the affairs of another country SURPRISE!

So we have seen threats and intimidation from the Whitehouse, the US Military, the FBI, the Secretary of State and various asshat congressmen and Senators. Speaking of such, Zionist Joe Lieberman has called for an independent investigation into Scotland's decision to free Megrahi. Someone should inform him that he and his Zionist pals have no control over Scotland. Perhaps he and his pals should stick to what they do best, controlling American politicians. Because they will get nowhere with the proud Scots.

Just like America has no understanding of the Middle East, they have no understanding of the Scottish people. Just like Palestine, Iran, Syria, and Lebanon have had to fend off the deadly duo of Zionist Israel and their biggest backer, the USA. And much like Ireland, Scotland had hundreds of years fighting for it’s freedom and independence as well.And they are not about to give that up to corrupt Zionist controlled Americans. Perhaps America should look in the mirror, but like Israel, America will have no soul searching.

This morning I listened to a talk show where a great many Scottish people sent in text messages and phoned in live to support their government’s decision. Even some who were not too thrilled at the release of Megrahi, were still in support of the decision due to it being Scottish law and were outraged at America’s bullying attempts to control their country. Here are a few I found online:
At last there is a British politician who does not simply do what he is told by the United States. The last time that happened was when Harold Wilson refused to send British forces to Vietnam 40 years ago.


The Justice Secretary did not bow under the intense emotional pressure exerted by the US attorney general Eric Holder, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and even President Barack Obama himself, all of whom should have known better than to interfere in the due legal processes of another nation. Americans like to present their country as devoutly Christian, but that is not always reflected in their ideas of justice and compassion.


In reviewing the application for the compassionate release of the alleged Lockerbie bomber Megrahi, Kenny MacAskill was faced with the choice between doing what was easy and what is right. Perhaps incredibly for a politician, he chose the latter. Whatever the political fallout from this decision, Mr MacAskill has changed his place in history from a footnote as a member of the first SNP cabinet to one of the most courageous politicians Scotland has produced.

What is important now is that we hold a public inquiry to establish the truth of what happened on that dreadful day. Many, particularly across the Atlantic, have understandably chosen the easy option of hating Megrahi, but that ultimately would be a false solace should he be proved innocent, as I suspect is the case.Scotland risked being known as the country that let an innocent man die in prison for the sake of misplaced revenge. Thanks to Mr MacAskill, we have avoided this. Even in the unlikely event it turns out that Megrahi is, in fact, guilty, we have still shown, in a demonstration of mercy, that we are better than he is.


The release of Megrahi was a laudable, humane act on the part if Kenny MacAskill and the Scottish Government. Scotland did not give in to the pressures or bullying from US and other quarters. It stood by its well-known principles of compassion and tolerance and freed a man who had not long to live and, more importantly, who was convicted on doubtful evidence, as now seems clear. I feel proud of Scotland. God bless Scotland.


Kenny MacAskill's decision to temper justice with mercy highlights the American inclination to equate justice with vengeance. There is a significant gap between Scottish and American values, and this decision shows there is a more moral way of behaving than giving in to the lynch mob baying for blood.

There is also the quiet satisfaction that Scotland, a small country, was able to stand up to the bully on the block and make its own decision according to its own laws.

AND (you can't fool the Scots):

The one disappointment is that the many unanswered questions about the case will not now be addressed, despite the distinct possibility that Megrahi may have been wrongly convicted on very flimsy circumstantial evidence and withheld information. Robert Black ("This shameful miscarriage has gravely sullied the Scottish criminal justice system", The Herald, August 21) is correct to state that no Scottish jury, properly charged, would have been convinced beyond reasonable doubt by such evidence, and would not have convicted Mr Megrahi.


However, the demands of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the US senators who wrote to the Justice Secretary were disingenuous. Neither the US nor the UK government has made any progress in bringing to justice those who ordered or planned the bringing down of Pan Am flight 103 because further investigations and arrests would be both politically and economically inconvenient. That is why there will be no public inquiry. Both the British and American governments are content to allow Megrahi to carry the blame. We are left with the suspicion that crocodile tears have been shed by the Americans who, as they are inclined to do, protest far too much.

As Libya opens up its oilfields to western trade, American corporations will be the first in there.
Like I said, you can't fool the Scots.....or the Irish ;-)

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Greg Bacon said...

If only Mr. Megrahi could of timed his prostrate cancer to coincide with the upcoming release of that Spielberg movie about Lockerbie, drafted from a book written by a MOSSAD agent that points the blame at Iran and Palestine.

Imagine that, blaming two countries Israel wants to 'wipe off the map' for that tragedy.

Who'd ever thunk that?

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