21 August 2009

Oh No! It's Anti Semitism AGAIN

UPDATED, you may be interested in read THIS
Well you had to know this was coming. Charges of, you guessed it, "anti-semitism" being hurled again. This time against the country of Sweden for allowing freedom of speech and freedom of the press. So, like when all those rabbis were arrested in New Jersey in America for illegal organ trade and money laundering for Israel, it wasn't their fault, it's the fault of the FBI for arresting them, which makes it "anti semitism" Same Zionist "logic" here, but Sweden is so far, not too interested in having it's free speech curtailed by Zionists. We'll see where this leads, because when Israel gets a bee in it's bonnet, they will call in all their favours from all those government officials worldwide. Which ones will "blink" in Sweden
STOCKHOLM — Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt has rejected Israeli calls for official condemnation of a Swedish newspaper article about organ harvesting, saying freedom of expression is a cornerstone of democracy.

Bildt said in a blog posted late Thursday that he would not condemn an article in the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet that suggested Israeli troops had harvested the organs of dead Palestinians. He said freedom of expression is part of the Swedish constitution.

"Freedom of expression and press freedom are very strong in our constitution by tradition. And that strong protection has served our democracy and our country well," Bildt wrote. "If I were engaged in editing all strange debate contributions in different media I probably wouldn't have time to do much else."

Bildt said he understood why the article stirred strong emotions in Israel, but said basic values in society are best protected by free discussion.AP
And for more comedy here's a snippet from a pro Israel ragynet:
Swedish government disagrees with embassy in Israel. Sweden's Foreign Ministry says 'appalled' response by ambassador in Tel Aviv to Aftonbladet report saying IDF soldiers killed Palestinians to trade their organs not in line with position of gov't, which 'is committed to freedom of the press'. Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman says report 'uncovered layers of anti-Semitism...Ambassador to lay down complaints with senior Swedish official'
Yeah, it's definately "anti semitism" most assuredly, any crime Israel gets caught at..........


Anonymous said...

My friends told me that, I've never been to Sweden, but in the name of free speech I can report this rumor.
Just like your newspaper repeats the words of Palestinians.

Do you understand now the difference between reporting and libel?

Cheers from Israel.

irish4palestine said...

Thanks for showing exactly how Zionists are. You are the poster child for ignorance ;-)

Greg Bacon said...

Here's a good link to the organ trade with specific examples of illegal Israeli involvement.

Organ Selling, Organ Theft


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