13 August 2009

Israels Version Of The Master Race

Remember Hitler and the Aryan nation Master Race? Well, there’s not much difference between this:
The Aryan race is a expression used by the Nazis in Germany for the race they wanted to create — a pure race of white people suited to rule the world. Extermination was the Nazis' main tool for making the Germans pure. (See Holocaust.)
And This:
The Zionist State is an expression used by the Zionists in Israel for the race they wanted to create — a pure race of Jews suited to rule the world. Extermination was the Zionists' main tool for making Israel pure. (See Palestine, Lebanon Refugees and Gaza Genocide, and Israeli Marriage laws and citizen requirements)
And here’s a good review of Israels marriage laws from Seth Freedman at the Guardian, followed by another example Israel is having in America, with Jews marrying outside the Jewish faith:
The laws governing marriage in Israel fly in the face of politicians' assertion that the state is on a par with other Western countries. Israel's rabbinate has a stranglehold on the institution of marriage, refusing to recognise weddings not conducted in a religious ceremony, and proscribing couples from tying the knot where one partner is not deemed sufficiently Jewish by the authorities.
The state grants automatic citizenship to anyone with at least one Jewish grandparent, whilst orthodox Judaism takes a stricter line, going by matrilineal descent: a person is only Jewish if their mother is a Jew (and hence their mother's mother had to be Jewish too, and so on up the family tree).
Now, take a look at the blind panic the Zionists are under regarding Jews marrying non-Jewish Americans, in America. It’s not just about them being non-Jews, but it’s more about Zionists loosing power in American politics. You see, Shalom TV did a show in March 2008 about interfaith marriages not only being the death of Judaism, but moreover will be the end of the Jewish Lobby's power in American Politics. It is called (strangely enough) “ACCEPTING INTERMARRIAGE THREATENS JEWISH FUTURE” see here:
In a dramatic television roundtable on the future of American Jewry, the increasing acceptance of mixed marriages is identified as the most serious threat to Jewish continuity.

Available this week on Shalom TV, the panel discussion features Dr. Steven Bayme, director of the Contemporary Jewish Life Department of the American Jewish Committee, citing the dangerous change in Jewish cultural thinking about intermarriage.

"Intermarriage is a major challenge to American Jewish life, -snip- Dr. Steven Cohen,"I find too many doves on intermarriage refuse to accept what I would call a 'realistic analysis' of its effects.”

A leading expert in American Jewish demography, Dr. Cohen decries as "horrible" the low percentage of Jews who descend from intermarriages, pointing out that only "thirteen percent of grandchildren of intermarried Jews are, by any stretch of the imagination, Jewish. Eighty-seven percent are not Jewish. That bothers me! It really is awful."
NOTE how it it bothers him that there are innocent children being born who are not "fully" Jewish. His words were “That bothers me! It really is awful." there's more:
Betty Ehrenberg, advisor to the president of the World Jewish Congress.-snip- Ms. Ehrenberg expresses deep concern about the lower figures coupled with a "thinning out" of Jewish identity.
Now, pay close attention to this next section:
"If we will have fewer Jews, no matter how you estimate the exact number, we will have fewer people who vote, we will have a weaker political voice," she says, mindful of the community's influence on national and world affairs. "If you combine weaker numbers with weaker identification and weaker Jewish understanding, then you have a recipe for disaster.
There you go folks, an actual admission right there of the power these people hold over America and how worried they are about loosing it!! They will actually stoop so low as to make a television show, geared to the American Jewish audience, to impress upon Jews in America NOT to marry a non-Jew because it will harm the Jewish state when American Jews no longer hold huge power over the American government. - Ms. Ehrenberg states “you have a recipe for disaster“ Did you get that ? And finally this:
"It's less a question of 'Are we six million or 4.2 million or somewhere in between?'" adds Dr. Bayme. "What really is happening is that America is changing radically in terms of its population patterns. In that sense, the grounds of concern are quite real. "-snip- "If we're not realistic enough about saying it's a problem, we'll get nowhere with it. "The current generation of Jewish leadership needs to be challenged in terms of where it is going to place its emphasis. If it conducts business as usual--and I tend to think it will--then I am very agonized and very worried." source
You have just stared into the face of “Zionism's Master Race” And it’s very ugly indeed.