10 August 2009

Israeli Diplomat Undergoes Lobotomy

In a shocking malfuntion of the Zionist brain, Israel's consul-general in Boston, Nadav Tamir, has suffered a rapid growth to the "reasonable" region of the brain. As such, he has been immediately "summoned" back to Israel. The Diplomat will now ASS-ume the position for a good whacking. After which he will undergo a lobotomy at a re-programing camp to remove the "offending growth".
JERUSALEM — Israel has recalled one of its senior diplomats in the United States after the leaking of a warning he gave about the damage to ties caused by the policies of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"Boston consul general Nadav Tamir has been recalled for consultations so he can clarify how one of his memos appeared in the media," foreign ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said.

On Thursday, the privately-owned Channel 10 television reported that Tamir had warned the ministry that the refusal of Netanyahu's right-leaning government to heed US requests to freeze settlement activity in the occupied West Bank was harming Israel's most important diplomatic relationship. source