20 August 2009

Jews vs Arabs (Israeli Study)

"More Arabs die from "External Trauma" than Jews"

When I clicked on this and read the first line I thought its wording smacked of racism. Then I remembered it was from the Jpost, and just kept reading. The study compares Arabs to Jews according to death and illnesses as reflected by their so called “socioeconomic status” living inside Israel. Seems innocuous enough, but what it’s really saying is that Arabs are dirt poor in Israel and the Jews are the ones with everything. I’ll bet Israel thought they’d fare better in the study than they did. But all the “good living” seems to be causing more preventable illnesses in the Jewish population. Whilst for the Arabs, they suffer from illnesses that can be directly attributed to their living conditions. E.g. they have more respiratory conditions, and get this, more “complications” from diabetes. This seems to be saying that they do not necessarily have “more” diabetes, just more “complications” from it, no doubt from poorer access to good health care in the “Zionist” state. But, the last one says it all; more Arabs die from more “external trauma” than Israelis. Did you get that folks? Israel just admitted more Arabs die from this conflict than Jews. So much for the mantra of “poor little Israel” Here it is from their own lips:
Despite the Israeli Arab community's lower socioeconomic status and education compared to the Jewish majority, they are significantly less likely than Jews to die of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, stroke and infectious diseases, but more likely to die of respiratory disorders, complications of diabetes and external trauma. source
Translation=More Arabs die at the hands of Israel, as opposed to Jews dying at the hands of Arabs. Thank you Israel for confirming what the world already knew to be so.......

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Michelle said...

great post! Israelis get caught with foot in mouth!

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