20 August 2009

OMG! OMG! OMG! Settlers Loose Land to Arabs

I’m loving the irony of today’s alternate universe :o)

In a bizarre twist, poor Zionist farmers have been forced to sell their lands, and who bought the land? ARAB states, that’s who. But the Zionist settler organization the “Task Force Against the Privatization of Israeli Lands” is having a total meltdown. They plan on having a big protest, and their well pissed off at the Government for allowing this sale of private land to go through. On the other hand, the government says: “Private Land is Not Our Business” Which I find quite strange, because it is always their “business” in Jerusalem, where the privately owned Palestinian homes are always “given” to Jewish settlers. So this is an example of the discriminatory practices within Israel, meaning "Jewish" privately owned land clearly falls under a different "legal category" than privately owned "Palestinian" land.
(IsraelNN.com) Galilee farmers sold their lands to Persian Gulf tycoons, and protestors will gather on Thursday at the monument to Alexander Zaid - a man who gave his life for the sake of keeping the land Jewish.

It was announced this week – less than a month after the Knesset narrowly passed the controversial lands privatization bill - that farmers in the northern Galilee had sold their land holdings to foreign elements.

The sums involved were significantly more than the assumed worth of the properties. In at least some of the cases, the money was traced back to elements in the Persian Gulf, in Arab countries that have no diplomatic relations with Israel.
The farmers say they were "forced" to sell because of their poor financial situations.

In protest, members of the “Task Force Against the Privatization of Israeli Lands” said they would ascend on Thursday to the statue of Alexander Zaid in Beit She’arim in the Galilee. Zaid, who was murdered by Arabs in 1938 while performing guard duty in his Galilee settlement, was a founder of two Jewish defense organizations aiming to safeguard the Jewish agricultural settlements in the Land of Israel. He also worked as a watchman, overseeing the lands of the JNF.

Local political leaders in the north expressed concern over the sales. Mevo’ot Hermon Regional Council head Benny Ben-Merhav said that dozens of dunams (quarter-acres) have been sold recently to foreign elements, and the mayor of Rosh Pina, Avihud Raski, said, “The farmers’ financial situation left them no choice. I raised the issue with the Jewish National Fund and the Israel Lands Authority, and I said that we have to establish a mechanism to ensure that our lands remain in Israeli hands – but they did nothing.”

Gov't: Private Land is Not Our Business

The government and JNF say there’s nothing they can do. “We cannot intervene,” a JNF source said, “because these are private lands.” Agriculture Minister Shalom Simchon (Labor) and Housing Minister Ariel Attias (Shas) said essentially the same. link

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Greg Bacon said...

What are they worried about? They can just gather a Hasidic Rabbi led mob, wielding axe handles and M16's and do what they do best, STEAL back the land.

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