20 August 2009

No Honour Among Zionists~Bernie Madoff Saga

"This man was not well-endowed"

What????????? Bernie Madoff had "Tiny Manly Bits?"

Well that's what Sheryl Weinstein, of the Women's Zionist Organization of America said about her former lover Bernie Madoff, sorry, but ROFL. She's well pissed off that he stole $40 MILLION from her and the Zionist Organisation, sorry, again ROFL. She's now come out with a new "tell all book" no doubt in an attempt to regain some of that money she lost which she entrusted to another Zionist whom she was having a 20 year affair with. Is there no honour among thieves, I mean Zionists? here's the story:
The memoir, "Madoff's Other Secret: Love, Money, Bernie, and Me," claims the secret relationship with Madoff spanned more than 20 years while both were married

Weinstein says she met him at a business meeting when she was chief financial officer for the charitable women's organization Hadassah, where she had a role in investment decisions.

Her husband, Ron Weinstein, said in a June letter to the court that all the money the couple had saved was lost by Madoff and that their marriage was strained.

"My wife has been a basket case," he said
Truer words were never spoken, again ROFL, there's more:
The book has drawn fresh attention to Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America.

The organization has said its principal investment with Madoff totaled about $33 million, while another $7 million had been entrusted to Madoff after it was donated by a French backer in 1988. Hadassah did not return a telephone call for comment Friday. source
And to elaborate on Bernie's "Tiny Manly bits" I'll bet ole Sheryl wishes THIS had been Bernie, again ROFL.


Greg Bacon said...

Isn't using the terms 'Zionist and 'thieves' in the same sentence redundant?

So 'Bernie' was doing to his lover the same thing he was doing to his clients?

irish4palestine said...


yes he was, and, with "tiny manly bits"


you have to love how thye turn on each other

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