20 August 2009

TIP~Swine Flu Information

I know this site is about Palestine, but I wanted to pass this along to my readers and friends. With all the discussion regarding the newly created, non tested, vaccines coming soon to somewhere near you. I want to pass along this site "Medical Voices~Vaccine Information Center" for those who are unaware of it. The site has been created by Doctors so that they can speak out about vaccines. It's well worth a read. Here's snippet from their "about" page:
Medical Voices Vaccine Information Center brings awareness of vaccine issues to the forefront via medical doctors. Newly under development as of July 2009, the site will quickly become a massive library of articles, videos and presentations by doctors speaking out on the dangers of vaccines. The aim is to be an educational site for doctors who are beginning to question and become aware of the problems caused by vaccines and, additionally, a go-to resource for the public at large.
IMPORTANT:one more thing, for those who have already decided they do not want to take the swine flu vaccine, evidently they can tell you how to legally say no to a required vaccine:
How to Write a Valid Waiver for Vaccine (U.S.)
Mayer Eisenstein, MD, JD, MPH [USA] [Self hosted]

Join Dr. Eisenstein for a Webinar on Monday July 20. Dr Eisenstein will discuss: What is a philosophical objection to vaccines? What is a medical exemption to vaccines? Can the state decide if your religious exemption is valid? What is a religious exemption to vaccines? Can I give some of the mandated vaccines and not others? What is a personal religious exemption? If I home school my children do I have to give childhood vaccines?
As always, investigate things yourself, make up your own mind and make the best informed choice you can for yourself and family.You can visit the site HERE

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Anonymous said...

Given their pathology, why would a "vaccine waiver" be honored? Because its...the law? That hasn't put a dent in their mad rush to turn the world into a version of mad max so far, why would a waiver stop them?

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