17 August 2009

What Motivates the Zionists "Israel, Palestine or Money"

A lesson in what motivates Zionists.

No outcry from Israeli officials over the monumental civilian deaths they caused, no anger over the innocent Palestinian children they killed, no outrage over the thousands of illegal home evictions, no outcry over the millions in refugee camps, no outcry over punishing an entire population, no outcry over the illegal use of white phosphorous and DIME missiles, no outcry over the settlers burning acres of Palestinian land, no outrage over separating entire families for generations, no outcry over racist messages scrawled inside Palestinian homes in Gaza, no outrage over people dying every day because they can’t get to a proper hospital, no outrage over the children who are orphaned, no outrage over Israel’s refusal to make peace.

So what motivates them? HINT "You can find it in your wallet"

What gets them angry? Money! Yup folks, the racist regime of Netanyahu and Lieberman have created a new way of processing tourist visas who plan on visiting the Holy sites. Heads up Religious tourists don’t be saving your pennies to make a Christian pilgrimage to the Middle East thinking you can see all your favourite holy sites. Now you must choose “which” holy sites you want to see, the ones in Israel, or the ones in Palestine.

And this, this is what has the Israeli Tourist Ministry upset. Because they see your “tourist” dollars waving “Bye Bye” In Israel, "Money Trumps Loyalty" or in other words, there is "No Honour Among Thieves or Bigots" Perhaps if America cut off the money flow we'd all see peace in our lifetime.......
New visa restrictions spark row in Israel

JERUSALEM — Israel's tourism ministry on Monday slammed the interior ministry for enacting new restrictions that would prevent foreigners from visiting both Israel and the Palestinian territories.

The measure, which was quietly enacted earlier this year, forces arriving visitors to choose between a visa for Israel and one for the Palestinian territories, potentially preventing them from travelling to both.

"This decision taken by the interior ministry causes significant damage to Israel's image and to incoming tourism for those tourists who visit the holy sites in the Palestinian Authority," the tourism ministry said in a statement.

It demanded that the matter be discussed in the Knesset, or parliament, which is currently on summer recess.

A spokeswoman for the interior ministry would not immediately comment.

The US consulate in Jerusalem has posted a message on its website informing travellers of the new visa stamp being issued at Ben Gurion Airport and the Allenby crossing with Jordan that permits travel only in the West Bank.

"Anyone indicating that they either have connections to the West Bank or are planning to travel to the West Bank may get this stamp, which does not permit them to enter into (or, in the case of Ben Gurion, return to) green-line Israel," it says.

"The consulate can do nothing to assist in getting this visa status changed; only Israeli liaison offices in the West Bank can assist -- but they rarely will.

Travellers should be alert, and pay attention to which stamp they receive upon entry."

Millions of tourists and religious pilgrims flock to Middle East holy sites each year, visiting the Old City in the Israeli-occupied part of east Jerusalem -- which Israel claims as part of its capital -- and sites in the Palestinian towns of Bethlehem and Jericho in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

The new restrictions would also create obstacles for foreigners working in the West Bank and for Palestinians with dual citizenship who wish to visit relatives in Israel and the occupied territories. source
America, cut the money off, make the world a safer place, give Palestinians their homes and country back. Stop the murders, stop the money!


Anonymous said...

How could there be an outcry from the zionists if the crimes do not exist?
Denial is much more than a river in the Middle East.... it's called LIES!

And yes.... the best (and probably) ONLY way to stop the crimes is to STOP THE CHECKS!

Money talks much LOUDER than any demonstration.

irish4palestine said...

@DP Cheers:) perfect answer, will america ever wise up? I wonder.......

Greg Bacon said...

Why, why, you're just a bunch of 'anti-$emitic$!'

I'm going to call Alan DIRTBAGOWITZ and snitch on you!!!

Where's my $hekel prayer beads?

irish4palestine said...

Now Greg, You behave yurself mate, or Alan will sic a settler on you who will promptly de-house you.

America needs to stop allowing dual citizenship with Israel. If they want to live in the US then they should be loyal to the US and not Israel. Oterhwise it's like allowing spies to live in your country who work for a foreign power against America. OMG!! I just described AIPAC!!

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