17 August 2009

US Should Not Tell Jews In Israel Where To Live

In prep for his run in 2012, Christian Zionist and Islamophobic Right Wingnut Neocon Mike Huckabee is visiting Israel. How nice. Meeting with fellow racists and bigots, he must feel quite "at home." A greatful servant, always willing to please his Masters, he does not disappoint "U.S. shouldn't tell Jews where in Israel to live." So, I think we can all deduce from this statement what a Republican Presidency would bring.....War, War, War and more War, all for Israel. How many more American lives will be lost for a foreign Rogue State?
Republican Mike Huckabee, who sought his party's presidential nomination last year but lost to John McCain, said Monday that the U.S. has taken too harsh a stance against Israel on the issue of settlements.

The U.S. should not "be telling Jewish people in Israel where they should and should not live," Huckabee said while visiting Jewish enclaves in East Jerusalem.

The former Arkansas governor, who arrived in Israel Sunday as the guest of several rightist organizations, will be joined at the hotel dinner by over a hundred guests, including prominent Jewish and Republican activists from the United States.

The Obama administration has objected to Israeli plans for construction at the hotel, located in the heart of a Palestinian neighborhood.

Huckabee, considered to be on the right flank of his party and seen as an early front-runner to win the party's presidential nomination in 2012, is openly critical of U.S. President Barack Obama's policy toward Israel, including the demand for a freeze on Jewish construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. linky link

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Greg Bacon said...

While were at it, we can also stop sending Apartheid Israel those monthly welfare checks and all that advanced weaponry.

That way, we'd have no business telling Israel what to do with OUR money.

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