04 September 2009

Israel Lays "Guilt Trip" on Spain Over Censorship Refusal

1.”Freedom of Speech” only Applies to Israel.
2. Others who exercise their “ Freedom of Speech” will be jailed

Now see if YOU can spot the irony and double standards in this article below. HINT: the red text is the double standards and irony;o)
Spain daily to run interview with Holocaust denier

MADRID — A Spanish newspaper is defending its plans to publish an interview this weekend with a British writer who denies the Holocaust, despite a furious complaint from Israel.

The center-right daily El Mundo plans to run the interview Saturday with David Irving, who served 13 months in prison in Austria after being convicted there in 2006 over charges he denied the Nazis exterminated 6 million Jews. (Notice how his "Freedom of Speech" resulted in a jail term!)

It is part of a series of six interviews with World War II experts, timed to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the war's outbreak.

El Mundo said Thursday it wants to publish "innovative" views on World War II for the anniversary. The paper rejects Israel's assertion that this is a case where freedom of speech should be limited, the paper's deputy editor Juan Carlos Laviana said.

Israeli Ambassador Raphael Schutz condemned the newspaper's plans as an insult to its readers, to legitimate historians and to the concept of free speech. link

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TruthSeeker said...

Hypocracy runs in their blood. They followed moses to Sini, but when he discended the mountain, he saw the other side of the coin; a group of hypocrates; intoxicated, screaming and dancing around the golden calf; their real God.

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