04 September 2009

Zionist Terrorists Attack Palestine Again

FRIDAY SEPT 4TH 2009-Israeli bulldozers invade Gaza after air strike:
Israeli military vehicles invaded the Gaza Strip following warplanes struck the Gaza Strip early near the southern city of Khan Yunis, witnesses said.

Israeli military vehicles, including three armored bulldozers invaded on Friday the Gaza Strip following warplanes struck the Gaza Strip early near the southern city of Khan Yunis, witnesses said.

The air strike targeted a tunnel under Gren Linde, an Israeli military spokeswoman said.

Also on Friday, witnesses in Gaza said Israeli military vehicles, including three armored bulldozers, razed farmland about 100 meters east of Gaza City. Israeli forces also reportedly fired on houses in the area.

The overnight strike took place in the town of Al-Khuza'a, close to the Green Line. Medical officials at An-Nasser Hospital in the nearby city of Khan Younis said that while the strike caused a state of panic among residents of the area, there were no physical injuries.

The military also said the strike was a response to mortar shells that were fired from northern Gaza on Thursday night.
And this is what happened Thursday night, Oh the horror and death for poor little Israel:
Five mortar rounds were fired from the Gaza Strip at Israel on Thursday without causing damage or casualties, an Israeli military spokesman said.Two exploded inside Israeli territory, a third landed near the Karni crossing point into the Palestinian enclave and the other two hit near the border fence on the Palestinian side, he said.
Of course Palestinians are called "terrorists" by the hasbara machine for daring to fight back against the Zionist entity who bombs Gazan fisherman weekly, kidnaps and murders, continues to invade Palestine, steals Palestinian land, but sure the Palestinians should just give them everything and simply "go away" if they dare to fight back with their tiny homemade rockets that amount to large firecrackers, then Israel hits the civilian population with tanks, DIME missiles and white phosphorous. All from the safety of un-manned drones. And let's not forget about the illegal siege:
Gazas economy is dependent on the tunnels, increasingly under attack by both Israeli and Egyptian forces. Tens have been killed in the underground system over the past months, and dozens more over the nearly three years of Gaza siege. The industry remains, however, the only growing work opportunity in Gaza. link
Israelis are the real terrorists.