04 September 2009

Only A Zionist Could Think of THIS

Whilst perusing the news online I visited the Zionist Rag Arutz Sheva Now, I write often enough about "Zionist Logic" but this one tops the chart in the "Loony" category. See for yourself how a Zionist managed to link the Swedish Report on Illegal Organ harvesting, with, wait for it, Norway's decision to divest from a company that helps to build settlements. Here's the opening statement:
Is Norway Now Anti-Semitic?
Of course it open with the usual cry of "Anti-Semitism" which, no longer holds any weight in the world because of it's overuse in non-Anti-Semitic areas, such as free speech and other personal freedom areas. My personal favorite was the cry of "Anti-Semitism" that was directed at the FBI for having the audacity to arrest Criminal Rabbis in New Jersey for illegal organ trading and money laundering. The writer then goes on to make an analogy between divestment and illegal organ trade, as, you guessed it, Anti-Semitic again:
Norway to divest from Israeli arms firm involved in West Bank wall

Arms? Arms?

I began to wonder, is that something similar to that Sweden thing, you know, that organ-farming story?


Maybe the Scandinavians have a hang-up about Israel?
Yeah, the whole world is "Anti-Semitic" because they want to rein in the Zionist Terrorists and stop them from killing more Palestinians. And let's not forget about all the ethnic cleansing either. Zionists need to realise that the people of this world are allowed to not invest in companies or organisations that further this illegal activity and bloodshed. It's our right, it's not anti-Semitic, it's logical.Now if you REALLY want to see some racism in action, take this link and scroll to the last post dated 8/31/2009, then hold your nose........


TruthSeeker said...

Diversion and killing by proxy has always been their game. Misleading, cheating and deceit are part of their vocabulary. Their Endeavour is muzzling the whole world so that the only thing that can be heard is their Zionist buffalo horn; the one that twisted Rabbis carry. Only idiots attend their sermons.

TruthSeeker: http://thenakedtruthinaconfusedworld.blogspot.com

Noor al Haqiqa said...

What a perfectly hateful site! I just went and read that page from top to bottom and... please tell me... what is wrong with me? I found it disgusting and could not laugh.

It is meant to be humorous, no? Or do some there think it is real news?

Irish4Palestine said...


you have just witnessed "Zionist Racist Comedy"

ugly is it not?

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