07 September 2009

Israel Wages HOLY WAR And Damn Proud Of It!

I wrote a post way back in February about how Zionist Rabid Rabbi’s were taking over the IDF and instilling racist hatred. Teaching soldiers it is alright to kill civilians, women and children along with posting images of the very pamphlets they handed out to the soldiers. No doubt they learnt that lesson well given the 1400 women and children murdered. However, today another report was published on the Zionist Jewish Terrorists and their indoctrination of soldiers on the murdering of Palestinians.

Yes, the Jewish Holy War has begun, time to eradicate Palestinians from their land, no need to pretend any longer, remove those you can remove, kill the rest. Steal the land, God said it’s yours. These fanatics are no better than Al Qaeda and have far more in common with Bin Laden then they realise. For Israel cannot see any innocent Palestinians, just like Bin Laden saw no innocent Americans. Here’s the latest report from the BBC:

Israel's army is changing. Once proudly secular, its combat units are now filling with those who believe Israel's wars are "God's wars".

Military rabbis are becoming more powerful. Trained in warfare as well as religion, new army regulations mean they are now part of a military elite.

This has caused quite some controversy in Israel. Should military motivation come from men of God, or from a belief in the state of Israel and keeping it safe?
The military rabbis rose to prominence during Israel's invasion of Gaza earlier this year. Some of their activities raised troubling questions about political-religious influence in the military.

Gal Einav, a non-religious soldier said there was wall-to-wall religious rhetoric in the base, the barracks and on the battlefield.

As soon as soldiers signed for their rifles, he said, they were given a book of psalms. And, as his company headed in to Gaza, he told me, they were flanked by a civilian rabbi on one side and a military rabbi on the other:
"It felt like a religious war. Like a crusade. It disturbed me. Religion and the army should be completely separate," he said.

'Sons of light'
In Gaza, they were ordered to accompany the fighters. "Our job was to boost the fighting spirit of the soldiers. The eternal Jewish spirit from Bible times to the coming of the Messiah." Before his unit went in to Gaza, Rabbi Kaufman said their commander told him to blow the ram's horn: "Like (biblical) Joshua when he conquered the land of Israel. It makes the war holier." (NOTE=These people are effing insane!)

Rabbis handed out hundreds of religious pamphlets during the Gaza war.When they came to light, they caused huge controversy in Israel. Some leaflets called Israeli soldiers the "sons of light" and Palestinians, the "sons of darkness". Others compared the Palestinians to the Philistines, the bitter biblical enemy of the Jewish people.

Israel's military has distanced itself from the publications, but they carried the army's official stamp.

'Religious duty'
I visited an orthodox Jewish seminary near Hebron in the West Bank. It is one of an increasing number of religious schools that encourage taking the Jewish Bible to the battlefield. All students at the seminary choose to serve in Israel's combat units while statistics suggest less ideologically-driven Israelis are avoiding them. This has made headline news in Israel.

The students' seminary is built in a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank.

They are illegal under international law and Palestinians claim the territory as part of their future state. But for the religious soldiers the West Bank is part of land, given to the Jews by God.

Gal Einav thinks many soldiers will refuse to close settlements down.

The settlement issue could well tear the army apart, he told me, adding that most of his officers are settlers these days.

"If it comes to a clash between political orders from Israel's government and a contradictory message from the rabbis, settlers and religious right-wing soldiers will follow the rabbis," he said.

According to Reserve Gen Nehemia Dagan, what is happening in the army is far more dangerous than most Israelis realise: "We (soldiers) used to be able to put aside our own ideas in order to do what we had to do. It didn't matter if we were religious or from a kibbutz. But that's not the case anymore.

"The morals of the battlefield cannot come from a religious authority. Once it does, it's Jihad. I know people will not like that word but that's what it is, Holy War. And once it's Holy War there are no limits."

They say it perverts the true teachings of Judaism as well as contradicts Israel's military code. The way they view Palestinians who live here is likely to affect the way they use their power and their weapons. source

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

One of the reasons Israel has been so easy on the settlements is because Israel in general is becoming more reliant upon them for several basics, one of them being bodies to fight.

Now we already know the settlers are very fanatic and rather vicious and prone to play the dirt card. These boys you see throwing rocks and taunting old Palestinian ladies in the settlements, you do not think they will change priorities once they are in the army do you?

Israel knows EXACTLY what it is doing. It must play the innocent for as long as it can in this, as it does so many other matters of war.

Those soldiers that you see lolling about with settlers as others harass etc, they are friends and drug clients of these settlers. And most likely many are blood kin.

The dialogue of the rabbis in the last slaughter was very incendiary and it can only get worse as this increasingly desperate country sinks lower into its self made marsh of feces. (ooh that sounded SOOO Talmudic didn't it!?)

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