04 September 2009

Israel~"Christians & Muslims" are Evil Terrorists

And so is the Mother of Christ evidently!

Christians and Muslims have more in common than than they think! Christians and Muslims should immediately unite and call for the Israeli Government to "Condemn and Publically Apologise" for this racist anti-Christian/Anti-Muslim stunt. Right, if any Catholic, Christian or Muslim out there has not wised up yet, here's more proof that Zionists are 1. Evil, 2. Hate Christians & Muslims, 3. Are Vile and racist, 4. Think anyone not Jewish is an animal:
Israel: pictures of St. Mary as terrorist removed

JERUSALEM — The Israeli journalists' union on Thursday took down a series of pictures that superimposed the faces of female Palestinian suicide bombers on Madonna-and-child paintings after the images sparked a public furor.

Yossi Bar-Mocha, the head of the National Federation of Israeli Journalists, said his organization removed the pictures from its Tel Aviv headquarters for fear they would offend people who lost relatives in militant attacks.

One of the artists, Galina Bleikh, said their intention was not to glorify or justify the bombers' actions. She and her partner, Lilia Chak, tried to address a subject that "pains the whole country" in the exhibit, titled ""Woman, Mother, Murderer: An Exhibit on Female Terror," she explained.

"How can a woman who comes into the world with the role of loving and giving life become a source of hatred and murder?" Bleikh added, speaking before the pictures were taken down.

Neither of the artists could immediately be reached afterward.

The seven canvases, part of a larger exhibition, splice the bombers' faces onto works by Botticelli, Raphael and other eminent artists. Bleikh told The Associated Press that the show's concept was sparked by a suicide attack near her Jerusalem home carried out by a female bomber. link
Now, here's a question, just what kind of outrage do you think Israel would create if this situation was reversed? An American Christian Artist defaced Jewish religious art and linked it, and it's followers and religion to "terrorists" Or, what if a Muslim artist did the same and the artwork was displayed in an exhibition? Well, no doubt there would be lawsuits, worldwide calls of "anti-semitism" a Holocaust "Re Dux", calls for changes to laws, and then some type of reward, they must always be rewarded for their "pain." So what will Christians and Muslims get for this vile racist anti-Christian, anti-Muslim act of indecency? Answer "Eff All"

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Anonymous said...

"How can a woman who comes into the world with the role of loving and giving life become a source of hatred and murder?"

How indeed? Maybe they should look more into this question that theyre asking. They might find something.

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