09 September 2009


Mr. Voight, a former liberal who once made public appearances with Ms. Fonda in support of left-wing groups in Chile, renounced his former activism as "Marxist propaganda" a few years ago. This after becoming infected with a new highly virulent strain of Zio-Flu. The infection caused parts of his brain to become shut off from reality, and then to support all things Zionist and to become”Zio-Man” the caped crusader for Israel. One cannot help but notice this is the same part he played in “Mission Impossible” supposed “good guy” but really a corrupt spy for the enemy. Isn’t it funny how life mimics films???

Well, you knew it was coming. Didn’t you? Israel already has total control over the Toronto Film Festival, but, Oh so sadly; it is not the great victory Israel had envisioned. Nope, for the majority of the world has seen through the giant well funded hasbara machine and the cozy Zionist relationship with Canadian government officials which allowed it to take over the festival. Alas, money can’t buy everything, so the Zionist hasbara machine needed a voice to counter Jane Fonda’s statement regarding the festival. Yes, they needed a Hollywood voice, they needed a neo-con right wing Republican Hollywood voice, (insert fanfare super crusader music here) they needed……..the..... “ZIO-MAN” to come to the rescue (Insert Israeli National Anthem here) Ta Da, right on queue, zio-hero John Voight flies in, wearing his White Cape with Blue Star, “Zio-Man” super crusader costume. Then we hear “Bam” “Pow” “Zap” “Smack” like the old Batman series, then he issues this statement: “Actor Jon Voight is accusing Jane Fonda of 'aiding and abetting those who seek the destruction of Israel! “ Zio-Man says; Ha, take that you poor disillusioned sods who actually think you can dare to criticize the Zionist Right Wing Fanatical Religious State of Israel who are waging a religious war against Arabs.
Actor Jon Voight is accusing actress Jane Fonda - his co-star in his Oscar-winning turn in the anti-Vietnam war film Coming Home - of "aiding and abetting those who seek the destruction of Israel."
Look out supporters of “Equal Rights”, the “Man of Zion” is on a roll, he draws back, he studies the situation and then he, wait for it, lands a ....MASSIVE FAIL blow... regarding the Vietman War
Mr. Voight said "Jane Fonda is backing the wrong people again"
Uh, hey there Mr “Man of Zion” have you not realised that America lost that war, and it was an un-just war, it should have never happened. Can you tell me how many times the Vietnamese invaded America? How many times they attacked America? Well, the answer is, funnily enough, the same number of times that Iran or Palestine have attacked and invaded America, answer=”ZERO” America was “wrong” Oh c’mon now, you can say it, it’s alright. Here, we’ll help you; take a deep breath and repeat after me; “A-mer-i-ca was w-w-w-wrong” there, not so bad was it? Now toddle along, your cape needs cleaning. And here’s what the normal people in Hollywood had to say:
Ms. Fonda, actor Danny Glover, musician David Byrne, activist Naomi Klein and filmmaker Ken Loach were among a group of more than 50 artists who last week signed an online letter alleging that TIFF's decision to showcase Tel Aviv made the festival complicit in an Israeli government propaganda campaign. Their letter followed an earlier one by Toronto documentarian John Greyson, who withdrew his short film Covered from the TIFF program, also in protest.
Oh no, the “Zio-Man” has had a massive relapse, he has suffered a code “blue and white” quick, get the crash cart, charge the paddles, charging, charging,……CLEAR…..ZAP. Do we have a pulse of normality? Don’t think so, see here:
Mr. Voight, 71, maintains that "people like Jane Fonda and all the names on that letter are assisting the Palestinian propagandists against the State of Israel. ... Jane Fonda's whole idea of the 'poor Palestinians,' and 'look how many Palestinians the Israelis killed in Gaza,' is misconstrued. Does she not remember what actually took place in Gaza? Did Israel not give the Palestinians of Gaza the hope that there could be peace?
Well, after that diatribe of lies I have come to the conclusion that the patient cannot be cured, the Zionism has infected his entire brain, and he cannot be saved. Here’s the proof: “Does she not remember what actually took place in Gaza? The question should be does HE not remember what actually took place in Gaza. 1400 dead, mostly women and civilians AND 400 of them were children! No wonder his daughter is ashamed of him and has disowned him, he’s a disgrace to humankind. Zio-Man is a MASSIVE FAIL. Want some more comedy? Check out his logic:
I was in Israel. I saw the rockets coming down on Sderot,
He is referring to THESE big dangerous rockets:
Turning a murderous instrument with your name on it into a community showpiece is a way of taking ownership of it, laughing at it even. Your rockets don’t scare us. They’re just garden art now. We’re still here. And you keep missing the target. Zvika did seem to think the rocket parts were a little bit funny. He held them up for my camera with the same good cheer as a fisherman who just caught a seven pound bass
.Check out the nice photos of the garden art here and get a load of how tiny they are, great garden art though! Here's a few more of those massive death delivering annihilating everything in their path missiles more after PHOTOS BELOW:

So just what is Zio-Man’s answer regarding the new form of "Garden Art" the Israelis were laughing at in the above interview? Answer: Quick drop white phosphorous and DIME missiles on them, destroy their homes, schools and Mosques, kill them all…………

And for a last bit of Zionist comedy, I couldn’t help but notice that below this article in the comment section, there is only “one” comment attacking Jane Fonda, of course. Followed by this below, which is yet another side effect of the Zio-flu virus, yes, you guessed it; censorship.
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John Clarke said...

I wonder if John Greyson's big public hissy fit about TIFF has anything to do with him being on the Advisory Board of the Toronto Palestinian Film Festival and always pushing for a world-wide boycott of anything even remotely related to Israel?

Knowing what TIFF's plans were, one wonders why he waited to the last moment to withdraw, rather than just in the beginning many months ago withdrawing?

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