09 September 2009

SHOCK~Israel Goes After More Dead People

How low can they go? This time it's an American, this time it's Ted Kennedy:
Abe Foxman, President of ADL and AIPAC knew exactly what they were doing

The plan was to wrap Ted Kennedy’s casket, side by side with the American flag,(and the Israeli Flag) each flag to cover roughly half of Ted’s casket during Kennedy’s internationally broadcast funeral, which was even watched live in Dahiyeh, Beirut’s southern suburbs. Only the lobby’s continuing exploitation of the Holocaust and ADL’s unauthorized use of the image of Yasser Arafat to demonize him and raise millions to fund illegal settlement expansion, did Foxman see such a terrific chance to hype brand Zionism. This time by linking it in perpetuity to the Kennedy mystique and the Arlington Cemetery eternal flame. Wrapping Kennedy in the Israeli flag for history would no doubt give a boost to Israel’s preferred historical narrative and the Israeli flag which has increasingly come to represent virulent Zionism and its crimes.

AIPAC claims the well intentioned project to wrap Kennedy in the Star of David was no more than another gesture for the memory of a friend of the Jewish people. Perhaps Abe saw his initiative as a return tribute for Ted’s thoughtfulness during the November 6, 1995 funeral for Yitzak Rabin on Mount Herzl (renamed for the founder of modern Zionism, Hungarian Binyamin Ze'ev (Theodore) Herzl, who had never set foot in Palestine, from its ancient expunged Arabic name “Jabal Assalam” meaning ‘Peace Mountain”)

Despite some intense lobbying, the Kennedy family graciously declined the Foxman-Aipac offer and Ted’s coffin carried only the American flag. link
So, how low can Israel go? Evidently VERY low


seansmom said...

I watched Kennedy's burial. Granted it was dark but I sure didn't see an Israeli flag anywhere! Wow, really?
I think it's time for us to insist on something realistic with this situation. We all need to come together, make and sign a global petition to have the "Israelis" removed from Palestine and resettled in their REAL Israel, the one designated for them and is still waiting for them in Birobidzhan! We can guarantee them assistance and (force the US gov through petition) security so that they are safe and sound and have everything they need! Kick out the fascist ruling elite and we can all be friends! Or are we all going to wait for a real Armageddon?? Because that's the obvious end. There is no one state or 2 state or any state solution other than Palestine, and even then the fascists would have to go! The Israeli people can do to them what parents often do to old kids who never leave home. That is, move without them (and make sure there is no room for them in the new home!) http://www.tellingfilms.netne.net/birobidjan.htm

seansmom said...

Despite some intense lobbying, the Kennedy family graciously declined the Foxman-Aipac offer and Ted’s coffin carried only the American flag

ooohhh excuse me, sometimes I read too fast, I missed the very LAST paragraph! My bad!
Yeah, the NERVE of those terrorists wanting to taint Teddy to the grave!

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