08 September 2009


From Lebanon until the deserts of Egypt, from the Mediterranean Sea until the Plains of Jordan - on dry land, in the air and sea.
Today's post is very important, please read it and pass it on. People need to fully understand what is happening in the bigger picture. Just yesterday I wrote that Israel was actually beginning a “Holy War” and that seems to be happening. Yesterday it was reported that Terrorist Jewish Settlers actually make up the majority of the IDF these days, and when they were interviewed they made it quite clear that they view the conflict with Palestine as a “holy war” for Israel.

Now, the irony of this is, were it reversed and Muslims calling for a “holy war” on Israel, the American media would be in overdrive with big massive headlines that read “Islamic Terrorists Call For Jihad on Israel” and of course Obama would make a speech and send American support for Israel.

These IDF settlers have clearly stated that they follow the Military Rabbis and not the Israeli Government. So, in my world I call this the beginning of a coup, or at least the ground work of creating a Jewish state modelled after what the West condemns in Iran, a religious nationalist government, see the Irony there people?

This is actually quite an important development, here's why; If the IDF is truly becoming a religious army which is replacing a secular army, then clearly the Military Rabbis have now gained control of the army and have indoctrinated the IDF against the Israeli government, teaching the soldiers to serve "God and Their Religion" rather then their government. That, my friends is frightening. Because then we are left with a government that must appease it's army or be overthrown. And to think America has supported this, encouraged this and supplied weapons to this. All the while condemning Iran for being an "Islamic State"

This is quite serious what is taking place in Israel when viewed through the eyes of Arab and Muslim countries. I just wanted to point out the double standards again, so Americans can clearly understand the next time they are attacked and are left wondering why they are hated. It all comes back to Israel, because you are enabling, through financial and military support, a Zionist "holy war" against Arabs and Muslims, you are backing the WRONG horse, again.....Palestine and Iran did not attack you, Bin Laden did, and his country is Saudi Arabia, you know the one where the Bush's do all their oil dealings with?

Now, here’s a bit from yesterday, followed by today’s report:
The students' seminary is built in a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank. All students at the seminary choose to serve in Israel's combat units while statistics suggest less ideologically-driven Israelis are avoiding them.

They (the settlements) are illegal under international law and Palestinians claim the territory as part of their future state. But for the religious soldiers the West Bank is part of land, given to the Jews by God.

Gal Einav thinks many soldiers will refuse to close settlements down.

The settlement issue could well tear the army apart, he told me, adding that most of his officers are settlers these days.

"If it comes to a clash between political orders from Israel's government and a contradictory message from the rabbis, settlers and religious right-wing soldiers will follow the rabbis," he said.link
So there you have the groundwork for the "Holy War" and an admission that the soldiers will follow the Rabbis, not the government of Israel. First the IDF prayer, note the geographical areas it covers:
Here is the translation into English:

He who blessed our fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, may He bless the soldiers of Israel who stand guard on our country and the cities of our Gd. From Lebanon until the deserts of Egypt, from the Mediterranean Sea until the Plains of Jordan - on dry land, in the air and sea. May Gd afflict the enemies that rise against them before them. The Holy One, Blessed is He, should protect and save our soldiers from any misfortune or calamity, and from any sickenss or disease. May he send blessing and success in all their handiwork, destroy their enemies below them, and crown them with the crown of redemption and the crown of victory. And the verse "For Gd walks among you, to wage war for you with your enemies, to save you" should be fulfilled, and let us say, Amen.
In the background is the symbol of the IDF and the words "Israel Defense Forces" in Hebrew. Now here's today's report below, notice the mindset of the West Bank settlers and then keep that thought in your head after you read this, then apply it to what the Rabbis and IDF said yesterday when interviewed in the same settlement areas. And lastly think of what 500,000 armed settlers (as noted in the report below), led by IDF Rabbis could do. And ask yourself the question of what could the smaller secular soldiers do when confronted with violent armed religious IDF settlers who outnumber them. Not to mention the fact that the secular Jews would not fire upon other Jews, even the radical ones shooting at them. You would ultimately have mayhem and a refusal of the IDF to carry out the orders of the Israeli government, in effect a coup:
Illegal Jewish Israeli settlers vow they will fight any partial freeze in construction of homes in the occupied Palestinian West Bank, a move they see as a cave-in by their government to American pressure.

Around illegal 200,000 Jewish settlers are estimated to have moved into the dozen or so Israeli settlements in Palestinian East Jerusalem. There are about 300,000 more illegal Jewish settlers currently living in settlements the Palestinian West Bank

Israel's decision on Monday to authorise the building of 455 new illegal homes in the Palestinian territory ahead of any such moratorium was brushed aside by most radical settler leaders as not enough.

"It is an insult to our intelligence, we are very disappointed by this announcement," Wallerstein said.

"Americans have no right to tell Jews not to live in Judea, the cradle of the Jewish people,"

Many Jewish extremist think they have a 'God-given' right to take the Palestinian land. link
I so wish Americans could see the bigger picture of what is taking place in the Middle East with Israel. You know I spend a lot of time bashing America's policies on this blog. But, the one thing I do admire about Americans (not their government but the people of America) is that once they get the picture, like they did with Abu Ghraib and the Iraq war, they demand change from their government. But, when will that happen with regards to American policy towards Israel? Will America wait too long to wake up? Will Israel drag America into a massive "holy war" in the Middle East, where Israel reaps the benefits of ethnically cleansing Arabs from their soil only to expand Israel and bring yet more shame and hatred to Americans? And worse, create a never ending war between Israel/America and the Muslim world. That is the REAL question. Think about it.


realisticbird said...

Excellent read! The Israelis won't expand to countries neighboring Palestine, the only place we couldn't stop them in that department is Palestine at the moment.

Even though they are all fanatics there seems to be another level of nutty behavior developing. None of the politicians there want to stop the settlements. Besides "Israel" has always been an army with a state that follows and not the other way round.

Irish4Palestine said...


"Israel" has always been an army with a state that follows and not the other way round."

Yeah, but it was well covered up and I don't even think the majority of jews living there believed it, until now that it is becoming a reality and an accepted reality at that.

When you mix God/religion and war together, it is never good. As us Irish, we've had it for 800 years, I guess Israel wants to beat that number.......

Anonymous said...

Its to some story about this place in Palestine.... I could recomend to anybody read the "Protocols of Olders of Zion" /still free!!!!/.
I dont bellieve its fprgery for anybodywho carefully goes through this truly satanic script, around 100 years old, will be able to understand World events past,present and future....
So many very clever people in history fz. Henry Ford, Ch. Lindberg,many jewich scholars etc. did call this evil document very real and truth picture of Zionist stategy.

Anonymous said...

Great post!

I'm afraid of the millions of evangelical Christians here in the US who are just as fanatical. I'm almost certain they'd have no problem with Israel nuking us as long as Jesus comes back (but only after the very people who most despise and denigrate him reclaim the land of his birth, of course).

Anonymous said...

This is a great blog! I've been feeling it, myself. All this fanatism is fed by rage. The rage levels of these immigrants is huge. If you think about it, these people are not from there. They have been kicked around by the Russians for years. They are the ones who were kicked out with Gorbechov. They looted the former Soviet Union dry. These "settlers" and I use that term lightly, are peasants and lower IQ Borg. They view themselves as a collective. They are not American. In fact, they would not agree with American Jews, in any way, and would dismiss them, but take their money. They need money. Other than their religion, they don't produce much. They just privitized their kubbutz. They can't make a go of it, without US Aid. But, they figure that gravy train is about to end. We are broke, thanks to the big dogs at the Fed, and friends. They are working us over, now, just like they did when they controlled the Bolshevik party. The ones at the top are atheists. The cattle at the bottom just spent the greater part of their youth being indoctrinated. Plus, they got nothing to lose. If they can hang onto their little "settlement" for a period of time, they get to keep it. It's value will increase to a quarter a million dollars, when they go to sell it. When they do sell it, they will move elsewhere, and take the money.

There is no doubt that the Likud has descended into darkness. They can't control anything. They do what they are told, or they are exposed in some scandal or rape.

They are digging their own hole. At some point, the entire house of cards will come down.

You will have a war where millions of people are murdered.

The wasteland will last a thousand years.

But, you can't tell them anything, they are perfect. They know everything Frieking thing. They figured out 9/11, and pulled it off, got the cash, and are laughing all the way to the bank.

They figure, even if you figure it out, what are you going to do about it???

seansmom said...

good post! It was just this week that for the first time I thought about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and actually believe it. It's weird that it even came to my mind, it just popped in my mind and I thought: this is real! I suppose I have always wondered, now I think it's 'in our faces' evident.

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