11 September 2009

Lebanon Fires Rockets At Israel and....

And Israel "shoots fruit"
Two rockets have been fired into northern Israel from Lebanon.
So Israel in turn, attacked "fruit"
The Israeli military responded with eight shells fired into a fruit plantation near the city of Tyre, reports said.

Remnants of a Katyusha rocket were found in Israel, police said. There were no reports of casualties.

The border has been tense, but largely quiet. There have been occasional clashes and rocket fire. The Associated Press says this is the fourth such attack in 2009. link
Fourth such attack eh? Perhaps Israel should return the Golan Heights it stole and now occupies illegally. Notice a pattern here? Well, Israel knows it cannot attack Lebanon like it did Gaza. Nothing more to day on this

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realisticbird said...

Hi :D

Oddly enough these rockets are launched when there is a political crisis in Lebanon, like a diversion or something. They never seem to hit something of significance over in occupied Palestine but the Israelis always return fire really quickly and this time more than usual, then the Israelis claim it is not Hezbollah. Probably their spies did it or some of these groups who say they support Palestine but do nothing that really matters. Rockets should be used to attain a goal and not just launch it like that, save it for something worthwhile.

They call them here bastard rockets because no one claims them.

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