11 September 2009

SMACKDOWN Toronto Film Festival

Aside from death and taxes, what else can we be 100% assured of? Why the Zionist response when any dare to criticize Israel. Yes I’m talking about the Toronto Film Festival Smack Down. Now that the protest is gaining some serious ground and making bigger headlines, what do we see? The same old rhetoric and fake claims:

1. "smacks of anti-Semitic bigotry." (standard reply when criticizing Israel)

2. “to demonize Jews and to marginalize Israel, in order to bring about the destruction of the Jewish state." (Scare Tactics and Guilt Trip)

3. “the protesters were "hypocritical" to signal out Tel Aviv and ignore totalitarian regimes elsewhere in the Middle East” (Deflection=Don’t look at us, look at them syndrome)

Well, it’s not working. Israel must be thinking “OMG it’s always worked for us, what’s happening? No one’s listening to us, no one is outraged, and no one cares anymore.” Well, you are right! And the blame for this rests solely at the hands of Israel’s hasbara spreaders. Israel really should have changed the song long ago.. as the fact that “charges of Anti-Semitism” no longer carry any weight is directly the result of “over use” in inappropriate situations. Like when people choose to boycott a government or country for its actions. Israel is loosing the battle of the hearts and minds with fake charges of “anti-Semitism” and “Scare Tactics” followed by “Deflection” Here’s the latest on TIFF:
TORONTO -- The still-growing debate (Smack down) in Toronto over its Tel Aviv spotlight now has actors and filmmakers taking sides. (A battle between good and evil I'd say)

New artists to back the protest of the Israeli film spotlight, which begins Sunday, include Canadian filmmakers Velcro Ripper, Min Sook Lee, Paul Lee and Lynne Fernie, and actors Harry Belafonte, Julie Christie, Michael Burg and Viggo Mortenson.

Canadian directors lining up to support Toronto's Israeli film showcase now includes Saul Rubinek, who charged "censorship has reared its ugly head," (sorry but ROFLMAO what nonsense, let's just ignore THIS only one among many other "censors for Israel") and Norman Jewison, who said the artist-led protest "smacks of anti-Semitic bigotry."(actually it "Smacks of Free Choice!" but Israel does not like Free Choice)

Toronto-based documentary maker Simcha Jacobovici, reflecting the growing vitriol in Toronto, said the festival "has been hijacked by a group of so-called activists bent on furthering their agenda -- to demonize Jews and to marginalize Israel, in order to bring about the destruction of the Jewish state." (and there it is again, as if a film festival can somehow cause the destruction of Israel. If that's the case people would be queing up in mile long lines)

Their comments were preceded by Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder of the Los Angeles-based Simon Weisenthal Center and a two-time Oscar winner, on Thursday telling a hastily-arranged press conference in Toronto that the protesters were"hypocritical" to signal out Tel Aviv and ignore totalitarian regimes elsewhere in the Middle East (and there you have the deflection tactic on que)

Undeterred by attacks from Tel Aviv sidebar supporters, protest organizers indicate that around 1,000 filmmakers, actors and academics have so far signed the Aug. 28 "Toronto Declaration: No Celebration of Occupation" addressed to the festival, which was conceived by Jane Fonda, Danny Glover and other early signatories. link

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Toronto home staging said...

The protest was surprising, I think. I did expect people to criticize but not to actually do something. Oh and
just a little remark, because it made me smile - you said "Israel must be thinking". I know that it is used often but really, it is kinda funny to say A COUNTRY is thinking. And I don't mean this in a bad way at all.


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