11 September 2009


Lone Zionist Uncovers Secret US Plot to Give Jerusalem To Palestine. Yes, you heard it here folks! Follow this “breaking” story which begins with the "lone Zionist's" Letter to Obama over the US Consulate office in Jerusalem. Which is actually a secret covert ops organisation designed to give Jerusalem to Palestine:
Recently, a member of the Jewish community brought to my attention a rather disturbing piece of information that, after extensive investigation, turned out to be true. But, sadly, bringing it to the attention of the relevant authorities has only turned the disturbance into an outrage.
What he is referring to is the fact that the USA actually has the audacity to have a Consulate office in Jerusalem. This office is designed to provide services to American citizens in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza. Seems clear enough right? See here:
All Jerusalem offices are united under the authority of the U.S. Consul General, who heads an independent U.S. mission that is the official diplomatic representation of the United States in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza. The Consulate General also provides services to American citizens in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza.
So what has the Zionist all aflutter with anxiety?
What is really disturbing, however, is the content of the site, which provides a host of services, programs, funding opportunities and other information ranging from education, development and politics to Islamic religious observance and holidays to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, but not in Israel proper.
Israel is “not” included (grabs chest as if having a heart attack) There’s more:
All of my requests, and those of others in the local Jewish community, for an explanation from the State Department, the White House or the offices of our U.S. senators and congressman remain unanswered.
(NOTE As if this is just SO IMPORTANT that a Whitehouse Aide should track down Obama in 60 seconds for a "personal" response, the "Chutzpah" of these people knows no boundaries!)MORE:
But we have received responses from the United States Consulate in Jerusalem. Not only did we each receive the exact same response, what is essentially a "cut and paste," but also the response itself was ridiculous at the least and, at worst, insulting to every American citizen.
Firstly,notice the fancy foot work there? Throwing the American Citizen into this “Fake Manufactured Outrage”?? How dare the Whitehouse, Senators, Congressmen and the US State Department not immediately send a personal reply directly to him. However, the message is quite clear from the State Department:
"Thank you for your feedback on the U.S. Consulate General Jerusalem's Web site. Just to clarify, the Consulate General in Jerusalem is the principal representation to the Palestinian Authority" and continues "The U.S. Embassy to Israel is in Tel Aviv and is focused on the bilateral relationship with Israel. Their Web site is http://usembassy-israel.org.il."
The American Citizen Services Unit of the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv provides information and assistance to U.S. citizens residing or traveling through the Tel Aviv Consular District (comprised of greenline Israel.)
In other words, Israel has an Embassy that serves Israel in Tel Aviv, and those not interested in Israel have THEIR Consulate office in Jerusalem. Oh the horror of equality!!So now he will attack American Taxpayer before he exposes the TRUE plot for Jerusalem!!:
It would appear that the State Department maintains a diplomatic mission in Jerusalem, at American taxpayer expense
Bad Move…He actually has the cheek to whinge about the poor out of work, uninsured no health care, loosing their home, American Taxpayer who is sending 3 BILLION dollars a year to this moron, and he tries to use “American Money” as logic over the Jerusalem Consulate office? But the little seething Zionist is not done yet. He has uncovered the REAL PLOT:
It sounds to me as though the State Department has already determined the city of Jerusalem to be Palestinian territory, and not the capital of Israel. Could this be part of the reason Palestinians refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist?
Yes, you have sussed out the REAL plan to give Jerusalem to Palestine by simply having a US consulate office in Jerusalem!! And ROFLMAO at how he managed to get “The recognition of Israel’s right to exist” into a manufactured outrage over the equality of having two embassies which serve two different peoples interests. Nice try though! link