22 September 2009

Obama's BIG Victory TBA

We can all expect the great media hype to being tomorrow, or later today. Israel will "give" a "9 month freeze" on it's illegal settlements, so Obama can create the illusion of a victory in the talks today. So, let's get this straight. A career criminal, who has broken the law, and continues to break the law, tells the Policeman that if he is not arrested and charged for his crimes he will "stop committing them for 9 months" in exchange. So, how well would that defense work for the next American serial killer. That's the logic here, or lack of logic. The world is meant to praise the criminal because he agrees to stop (in the middle of his crimes) In effect Israel is not even making their crimes "right" in other words they are currently in mid-crime, as the illegal settlements are standing proud all over Palestinian land filled with illegal cockroach settlers. Who, under this "big Obama victory" will still be living illegally like squatters on someone elses land. This is no "victory" it's a disgrace and an insult to intelligent people all over the world.
Israel has reportedly agreed to freeze West Bank settlement activity for up to 9 months in exchange for normalizing relations with some North African and Gulf Arab states, according to a Washington Times exclusive published on Tuesday.

The report, quoting Israeli officials and an Israeli specialist familiar with the government's policy, comes hours before a tripartite meeting between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. link