09 September 2009

Ooops Another Israeli Add Pulled

Anyone notice a pattern here? Gosh Darn-it, all these "silly mistakes" Israel just keeps on making. Remember the subway posters in England? Yup, once discovered, they were also hailed as yet another "silly mistake" where "people" just managed to get the "wrong message" After all, Israel never makes a mistake, it's always the fault of others:
Israeli Agency Pulls Offensive TV Ad.

a TV advertisement funded by the Israeli government, in which Diaspora Jews who intermarry are portrayed as victims of kidnapping. The advertisement showed photographs of young American, French, and Russian Jews on "LOST" posters -- the kind you'd see for an abducted child. The narrator warned, "More than 50 percent of young Jews assimilate," referring to a widely accepted statistic for intermarriage in the Diaspora. The ad was intended to encourage Israeli Jews to tell their Diaspora relatives about MASA, a study abroad program.

Now MASA and the Israeli Agency have pulled the ad, admitting it offended many Jews in the Diaspora. But in its statement, MASA obscures the issue, claiming that the ads were "misinterpreted" by the press as an attack on intermarriage. read more here