10 September 2009

Israel Attempts Arm Twisting In Eurpoe

Boy this is really funny. The Zionists have their nose out of joint because the Boycott of Israel won’t go away. How refreshing that I happen to live in Europe, where not all countries are controlled or afraid to stand up to Israel when they need standing up to. I mean, just look at how quickly Obama caved over settlements AND Jerusalem, and how says American’s are “brave and courageous” evidently not in the face of all powerful America controlling Israel. Anyway, back to Europe, the European Jewish Congress, I mean “gang of thugs” are arm twisting Europeans to ignore Israel’s crimes and reward them with gifts instead: See here:
A European Jewish Congress (EJC) delegation called on Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov to use his influence to combat calls in the EU to suspend the process of upgrading relations with Israel.

“There are unfortunately some discordant voices within the EU who use Israel’s economic development as a political bargaining chip in issues that have little to do with economics and trade,” said Moshe Kantor, President of the European Jewish Congress, during a meeting in Sofia.

In the wake of Israel’s operation in Gaza in January, the EU has suspended the planned upgrade of EU-Israel relations. It said the move will not go ahead until Israel halts settlement expansion and accepts a two-state solution.

The EJC said the meeting with the Bulgarian President and high-level members of the Bulgarian government is part of an ongoing effort to promote issues of importance to the European Jewish community with European leaders and to coordinate an organized effort regarding the Iranian nuclear threat.link
What they really want is: #1 European trade and all the money it brings them, and #2 they want to corral the EU into supporting a war on Iran, not gonna happen asshats. We are too smart for that. Go try your luck with America, they will surely join with you to wage war on yet another Arab country that has never invaded them……………