05 September 2009

Two Peas, I Mean Two Zionists in a Pod

Or maybe I should say "house", yeah, a house, but not any old house, Netanyahus' house. So who are the Two Zionist Peas? Madonna and her Pimp Netnayahu. Although I prefer my pal over at Desertpeace name for Madonna, the "Holy Ho" Yup, she was at Netanyahu's house and they lit candles together..........bless. Probably said a few prayers for Palestinian death and land while they were lighting those candles:
Madonna lights Sabbath candles with Israel PM

Madonna joined the Israeli prime minister and his family Friday in the traditional ritual welcoming the Jewish Sabbath

A statement from from the prime minister's office says the singer spent two hours with Bejamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara at their home lighting candles and reciting a blessing together. link
As if there were not enough reasons to boycott Israel AND the "Holy ho" here's one more.........


seansmom said...

the old hasbeen is desperately seeking. That's what divas do when they find themselves ugly and out of the game. of course she turns to a powerful Jew, who else?

Political Theatrics said...

I despise that viper Madonna,ironically named after the virgin Mary.
When I read that she not only lit candles with Netanyahu but ATE with Tzipi Livni it was the last straw.
She's a viper,in every sense of the word

Greg Bacon said...

When a coven of witches and bitches get together to practice black majick, they usually chant spells over candles.

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