07 September 2009

Sweden Has What America Lost

Sweden becomes the real America, while America becomes Little Israel.

I was thinking this morning how so many smaller countries are just simply ignored by the world’s “Big Three.” You know the "Big Three" ones, England (America’s poodle), Israel (America’s captor and controller) and of course America (Captive by Israeli controlled Politicians and Lobby Groups) Given the worlds view of America falling under the category of “Anti-Muslim War Mongers” under the Bush Administration; America wanted a chance to redeem itself. You know it’s pretty hard to live up to that “American False Dream” of being the great supporter of “Democracy and Freedom” when you systematically strip that from Muslims in a fake war on “Terror.” And speaking of that “War on Terror” it always made me laugh because it is un-definable, what is “terror?” Well, to a Palestinian it’s hearing the hum of American supplied Israeli drones carrying White Phosphorous. But to America, its shadowy figures you can’t ever really see and who are not in America. I digress….

So America wanted to change its image and elected a snake oil salesman, the Messiah, the “one” the “Hope Man” but quickly the “hope” faded and we were left with a “Dope” instead. Just another Bush with a shiny new face. His Administration is even using the phrase "War On Terror" and he's fiddling with elections in other countries, Shame, Shame Shame........Is this what YOU hoped for???

So getting back to what America wants, e.g. to be respected in the world. Is it not ironic, that tiny little Sweden manages to get what America can’t buy or steal………..I'm talking about ”Respect” and just how did Sweden manage that? By having the courage to stand up for Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech, two of the founding principles of America, no less! Yes I’m referring to the latest charges of Israeli war crimes of organ harvesting in Palestine. Sweden’s FM just cancelled a trip to Israel, good for him for not being “bullied” by the King of Duplicity and war crimes, Israel.

So, listen up America, that’s how it’s done. Start standing up in support for those principles you claim to hold dear at the core of your founding fathers. Here’s the story:
Sweden's foreign minister abruptly called off a visit to Israel this week, an Israeli spokesman said Sunday, amid a feud over a Swedish newspaper article and a growing gulf between Israel and the international community over West Bank settlement construction.

Foreign Minister Carl Bildt has called off a trip to Israel planned for this Friday, according to Yigal Palmor, spokesman for Israel's Foreign Ministry. Palmor, who would not comment on a possible reason for the move, said Sweden informed Israel's embassy in Stockholm of the decision on Friday.

The Swedish decision came the same day Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu drew international condemnation for deciding to approve hundreds of new apartments in West Bank settlements in defiance of U.S., European and Palestinian calls for a total settlement freeze. Sweden holds the rotating European Union presidency.

But the cancellation also followed a diplomatic feud between Israel and Sweden over an unsubstantiated article in a Swedish tabloid that accused Israeli soldiers of harvesting organs from dead Palestinians and suggested a connection with an international organ trafficking ring run by Jews. Israeli officials condemned the article as anti-Semitic and reminiscent of medieval blood libels against Jews.(Yes, every thing critical of Israel is of course "Anti-Semitic" including war crimes)source

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Sheilanagig said...

Funny along with Spain meeting with Hugo.

Guess Sweden didn't feel like apologising eh?

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