30 October 2009


What is wrong with Egypt? The World Food Program is attempting to send 160 TONS of cookies to the children of Gaza, a nice thing. However, Egypt had decided to send the 160 TONS of cookies to Israel instead of opening it's OWN border crossing and letting the cookies through. So, the World Food Program can "Kiss the Cookies Good Bye" as once they arrive in Israel ,they will then be deemed as "not on the list of acceptable items" because, they could possibly be evil "terrorist cookies" that Hamas could then use to build some gigantic uber cookie launcher and then aim it at Israel..... All kidding aside, Egypt needs a good kick up the arse, right now there are numerous aid convoys, large and small trying to get through Rafah. They are all just sitting there for weeks in Egypt as their cargo rots or members have to abandon it because they run out of money to pay Egyptian hotels and cannot stay any longer.
Egypt sends 160 tons of cookies to Israel

The World Food Program and Egyptian authorities sent 160 tons of cookies through the Al-Oja crossing into Israel on Thursday, with the hope that Israeli officials will allow the goods into Gaza, officials said.

Representative to the Palestinian authority from the Al-Oja crossing Omar Hadhoud said the WFP sent the food as urgent humanitarian aid to the children of Gaza, though he noted no special arrangements with Israeli authorities to ensure the transport of goods into the Strip.
Something tells me those cookies will all end up in the fat stomachs of well fed Israeli children, whilst the Gaza kids starve. More:
Israel has blocked access to all goods it deemed "non-essential" including sweets (possible terrorist item!!), school supplies,(Another possible terrorist Item!!) building materials and until recently, coffee and tea (Serious terrorist Items!) . Hadhoud said he hoped the cookies would travel through the Kerem Shalom crossing, less than a kilometer away from the Egyptian border. Egyptian authorities also noted efforts were ongoing to coordinate the entry of the "Miles of Smiles" convoy into Gaza via the Rafah crossing. Hadoud said the group had 57 containers of supplies and medical equipment. source


kenny's sideshow said...

A great mix of articles today irish.

I'm wondering, why so many cookies?
Why not something of more substance, even the raw ingredients; flour, sugar, etc.

Whatever, it's still a criminal example of the workings of Israel...and Egypt.

Irish4Palestine said...

Hey Kenny, don't know about those cookies,I had to do a double take onthe quantity LOL maybe there was a bake sale ;o)

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