29 October 2009


Just another day in Bizarro Land, Israel the "only democracy in the region" allows it's cockroach infesting illegal settlers to endanger the lives of innocent people:
Israeli settlers residing in illegal outposts in the heart of Hebron obstructed the work of Palestinian fire fighters on Wednesday night, as crews attempted to access a burning building owned by a Palestinian family.

Firefighter Jamal Qawasmeh said the station received a call regarding a fire in the Bani Dar neighborhood in the old city of Hebron. "We coordinated with the Israeli side so the servicemen and our vehicle could access the area," he explained. Despite the coordination, however, “a group of settlers attacked fire fighting personnel" and blocked the access of the vehicle to the street where the fire was.

"After more than half an hour the soldiers at the scene intervened to keep the settlers away from the fire fighting vehicle” and allowed it to pass, he said. Qawasmeh said it was not the first time fire fighters have been unable to reach homes and emergencies in the Old City. Between the road blocks, barriers and metal detectors, he said, access to some areas was impossible even without angry settlers barring the way. source


Saladin said...

I read this story you posted irish,Ok this is not totaly related to this,but in the time when the crimes of israeli setlers is on the high rise,someone from fatah always makes me lough with they insane stories!

The new traitor speach:


kenny's sideshow said...

Fire is cheaper than bulldozing and the insane settlers jumped on an opportunity.

"You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before."
Rahm Emanuel

Irish4Palestine said...

@ Kenny

Oh God, did he really say that? FFS
his daddy was some guy eh? Must run in the family

Irish4Palestine said...


yes, Dayton and Israel ahve both taught and funded FATAH for ages. Bush appointed him and Obama kept him there,so much for "hope and change"

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