30 October 2009


In keeping with tomorrows “Halloween” festivities, Israel has added the word “Witch-hunt” to its long list of adjectives describing the Goldstone Report. Additionally they are parading out the illegal village of Sderot once again in an attempt for sympathy as the “victims.” However, the “spirits” are not moved by the Israeli “Hasbara” regarding the Goldstone reports accusations OR the “Fear Factor.” On Goldstone; Israel forgets that the world actually saw the illegal use of White Phosphorous in heavily packed civilian quarters, whilst Zionist “Spin Man” Mark Regev lied daily on television “Israel Does not Use Illegal Weapons.” And this is the problem for Israel; they’ve been caught lying too many times now. This, coupled with their outrageous inability to be utterly and totally incapable of showing one iota of remorse or culpability for 1400 civilians or even the 400 children they murdered; this has been impressed upon the minds of billions of decent people worldwide. The Jig is Up. Israel may have won the battle, but it lost the war completely. First the “Goldstone Witch hunt” and then the “Fear Factor”:
link The Goldstone Report: A biased witch hunt against Israel

many leading democratic members of the Human Rights Council have dismissed the Report. The European Union, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, and the United States have all refused to back a resolution that would include the Goldstone Report as the basis of evidence that war crimes had been committed by Israel.
Attention British and UK citizens, get yourself over to sign the petition to Gordon Brown asking him to support Goldstone Report HERE, do it NOW, takes 2 seconds and sends an important message, go on…you know you want to...more hasbara:
For years the Israelis living in Sderot have lived in complete fear and agony.
I'm quite certain the Palestians in Gaza would trade their "Agony" for the small amount of "fear" Israel may have, at times. More:
They have lost loved ones to terror and have lost themselves in their own fear of leaving the bomb shelters that protect them.
How nice they are provided with lovely protective bomb shelters, whilst the people of Gaza tried to remain safe in their Mosques and Schools which Israel bombed unmercifully and illegally. More hasbara:
link As we drove we saw a small falafel stand so we pulled over to get something to eat. The second I shut the car door the siren went off. Within seconds of ducking into the bus stop, I felt the ground beneath me shake, once then twice. The siren stopped. We waited a few minutes and we heard police and ambulance vehicles in the distance.
He felt the “ground shake twice” Are these people for real here? This reminds me of when Hillary Clinton said she had to “run for cover” in Bosnia. So lets take a visual look at the ground shaking capabilities of these “ferocious” rockets:



But look how scared we are. Three points to make here:
1. actually those rockets are falling on stolen Palestinian land, as such, the Palestinians are targeting invaders and the rockets are landing on Palestinian soil.

2. They can have the word “fear” but not the word “Agony.” The word "Agony" wholly belongs to the people of Gaza, who truly ARE living in agony. Israel wouldn’t recognize “agony” if it bit them in the arse. The people in Sderot are alive and living well, they have not been slaughtered and neither have their homes been destroyed by the large homemade bottle rockets that are once in a while fired.

3. Whenever the Israelis parade out “Sderot,” and they do parade it out every single time a dignitary visits, or when they want to “prove” their never ending wailing “suffering.” I always like to point out a little piece I found long ago on a Zionist blog. In this piece written by Israeli’s they mock the rockets, they collect them for “Garden Art” They do not “fear” them, nor are they “Living in Fear and Agony”

Elsewhere exploded Qassam rockets and parts were used as garden art"

"Unlike Northern Israel during the Hezbollah war, Southern Israel has not been evacuated. Rockets flying out of Gaza are fewer and smaller than those that were shot out of Lebanon."

"Turning a murderous instrument with your name on it into a community showpiece is a way of taking ownership of it, laughing at it even. Your rockets don’t scare us. They’re just garden art now. We’re still here. And you keep missing the target." "Garden Art" photos can bee seen here
Smell the fear........MORE:
Zvika did seem to think the rocket parts were a little bit funny. He held them up for my camera with the same good cheer as a fisherman who just caught a seven pound bass.
And lastly this piece of Hasbara from today’s “Goldstone Witch Hunt Article:
link Even though there hadn’t been a Qassam rocket launched into Israel since May 19, mothers still hid their children in bomb shelters and very few people ventured into the streets of this once lively and beautiful city. This is the toll that terror takes on a nation and on humanity.
Maybe they like the décor better in the “bomb shelters” Or maybe this is quite simply, more Israeli “spin” for sympathy…The “toll terror takes on a nation and on humanity" we have all seen in Gaza. Israel fears loosing its status as the perpetual poor little “victims.” Sadly for Israel they have been trumped by Gaza, now they are no longer the “victims” but rather the “War Criminals.”