05 October 2009

Abbas May No Longer BE Palestinian

I love this, what a great idea! Strip him of his Palestinian Nationality and send him to Israel or America where he can live in closer proximity to his bosses.
GAZA, Oct. 5 (Xinhua) -- A senior Hamas leader on Monday called for taking the Palestinian nationality off President Mahmoud Abbas over the Palestinian National Authority's (PNA) request to postpone voting on a Gaza war report at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

"I call on the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) to work hard on procedures to strip Mahmoud Abbas and everyone who joined him in this crime off the Palestinian nationality," Mahmoud Zahar, a member of Hamas politburo, said during a special session for the Hamas-dominated PLC in Gaza city.

Zahar also demanded an investigation into the PNA's role in the UNHRC's decision to postpone the voting on a UN fact-finding mission into Israel's December-January offensive against the Gaza Strip to March next year.

"In this way, we can punish everyone committing crimes against our people," he added.

On Sunday, Abbas opened an investigation into the matter, but Hamas said his step "was aimed at throwing dust in the eyes of the people and a despair attempt to evade his direct responsibility in the postponement."source