06 October 2009

Israel Tries To Trick HAMAS~Massive Fail

Watch out, major propaganda warning!! Today, the JerusalemPost is carrying a report that “Israel knows where Gilad Shalit is being held” and, moreover, they “claim” to have known for years now. This is utter and total rubbish. Time to spill the beans on this fake report which is attempting to “serve a purpose” of which Hamas are far too intelligent to take the bait on. Listen, if Israel know where he was, then during Genocide Cast Lead they’d have made a point of getting him out, using the cover of all those DIME missiles and white phosphorous bombs they dropped continually day and night for, count em, 28 days people!! Now, as Israel claims to be such a brilliant army, with state of the art weaponry, that never makes a mistake, is able to target individual Hamas members, get them and take them out, enter and exit Gaza at will. And yet, they don’t go rescue Shalit during all those 28 days?

What this is really all about is an attempt to create fear and insecurity within HAMAS that Israel may know his whereabouts, so that HAMAS will then make an attempt to move him at which time THEN Israel will be able to see where he is moved from and to. Sorry morons, me thinks HAMAS is smarter than this, but hey, nice try! Here’s the report, I mean “lie”
Israel knows the whereabouts of kidnapped soldier Gilad Schalit, a senior Jerusalem official told London-based newspaper Asharq Alawsat on Sunday.

The official said that the government knew where Schalit was initially taken immediately after his kidnapping, that it had consistently known where he was being held and that Hamas was aware of this.
ROFLMAO, consistantly known where he is..........now they have created yet another problem for themselves as now they need to invent some excuse for Israeli citizens as to "why" they have never gone to get him, see here:
Israel has avoided carrying out a rescue operation in order to prevent Schalit from being harmed, the official reportedly said. Furthermore, Hamas has wrecked the chances of an Israeli military maneuver by booby trapping the location where Schalit is being held and placing explosive devices nearly half a kilometer around the hideout, he was quoted as saying.

The source told Asharq Alawsat that Schalit's captors planned to kill him if Israel tried to free him by force.
Well, correct me if I'm wrong here, but Israel claims HAMAS are barbaric terrorists, yet I notice Shalit is looking well and been cared for. But let's take the Israeli position for one second. just for fun.So, using this same Zionist logic if a deranged American serial killer like Ted Bundy let's say, captures his next victim, the police are meant to stand idly by because he may kill the victim. And this is what Israel wants people to belive. Seriously, if they had the tiniest nano clue where he was, they'd have went after him during Cast Lead. Truth is they haven't a clue... simple as........ And this "report" is nothing more than an attempt to trick HAMAS into moving him, so they CAN find out where he is. Trouble is it's as transparent as glass....


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Israli blatent lies are so obvious and can be seen by a blind man in an intesively dark night: How come they could not retrieve him during their crminal raid on Gaza???!!!

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