09 October 2009


So, I get up today and turned on the tele to see what vicious murdering acts Israel has committed while I was asleep. And what do I see, but this headline: "US President Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize" after choking on my first cup of tea from the utter shock of this. I suddenly realised that the rules must have changed for the prize. I mean seriously folks, let's face it, he's been in office for less than a year, I have food in my fridge older than his presidency!

No peace prize for Bill Clinton who initiated and worked to actually get Arafat and Rabin to shake hands at the Whitehouse, nope,nothing, zippo, nada. BUT, Obama gives a pretty speech in Cairo and Bada Bing, he gets the prize........Evidently No longer does one actually have to accomplish anything to be awarded the prize. It now appears that the prize is up for grabs for anyone who can give a good speech, or at least read it well from a teleprompter anyway. So, given this brilliant news and that actual "on the ground peace accomplishments" are no longer a requirement, I'm now off to practice my speeches, so that I can win the prize next year. Yes, next year we will see "Paddy Power" giving odds on us all for the prize. What a load of bollox:
The only possible explanation for the judges' decision to reward Mr Obama is that they are betting on his future achievements. They think he might secure an epoch-making settlement between the Israelis and the Palestinians as well as a sweeping disarmament treaty with Russia. Having previously given the Nobel Peace Prize to leaders who have made real agreements to resolve real conflicts, the judges now appear to be rewarding effort and possible future accomplishment. source
Now where's my teleprompter.............


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more! I still can't figure out how Obama won the election when he hasn't done anything in his political career to prove he's capable of doing anything other than read a teleprompter and spit out a few buzz words like "change". He's an idoit if you ask me! Makes me ashamed to be a USA citizen!

Irish4Palestine said...

@US Citizen

The man is a walking infomercial. There must be some powerful people behind him, that's all I can say.

kenny's sideshow said...

"powerful people behind him" may be an understatement Irish.

anon, it's not a secret how he won the election. He had been groomed for many years. The media and corrupt democratic party complied and the republicans gave us the 'designated losers' in McCain/Palin.

Puppets are created, not born. Obama seems to be enjoying the string pulling, for the moment.

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