12 October 2009

BREAKING~HAMAS Captures Al Qaeda Leader

And THIS followed by a resounding "silence" from America and Israel. Never mind this is the 2nd time HAMAS has thwarted Al Qaeda inside Gaza. No doubt the US and Israel have "helped" get them into Gaza in the first place. Anything to overthrow the elected government. Not only that, imagine if Al Qaeda managed to "get one off" and then of course we'd see the US and Israel blaming it on HAMAS. Here's the breaking news:
Hamas sources said security forces in the Gaza Strip have captured Mahmoud Taleb, commander of the so-called Jaljalat.

Jaljalat, which means "thunder," is regarded as the largest Al Qaida-aligned militia in the Gaza Strip.
"We are going to put him on trial for violating national security," a Hamas source said. source