12 October 2009


Oh, you have to love this. Children in Gaza have held a trail against Abbas and have convicted him of "high treason" and handed down a sentance of life in prison. Love it:
Children in Gaza held a public trial for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Monday in which they sentenced him to life in prison over his refusal to demand a debate on a United Nations report saying Israel committed war crimes during Operation Cast Lead.

The Palestinian children's parliament determined during the trial that Abbas was not worthy of his position, and the 'prosecutor' accused him of high treason.

Abbas was represented by a man who wore a picture of the leader on his face. He defended himself by saying, "Our need for new frequencies for my children's cell phone companies and Israeli and American pressure brought me to my decision. The decision was not ours because we are not represented at the council. Those who made the request were Pakistan and the Arab nations."
Damn, these kids are smart! more:
After he had made this statement, a 'Palestinian representative in the UN' intervened and said that seconds before the vote Saeb Erekat asked him to relay an official message from Abbas requesting the vote be delayed.

"I was stunned so I asked for this in writing and this is a picture I of the fax I received from the Mukataa in Ramallah. I won't be a scapegoat," said the mock-representative
Like I said, these kids don't miss a thing, more:
The 'judges' also heard testimonies from representatives of human rights organizations who were outraged at Abbas' conduct. They then passed down a life sentence to the Palestinian leadersource
GUILTY AS CHARGED! High Treason it is!