08 October 2009


Attacking Iran, how stupid will the American People be THIS time? In order to placate Israel into freezing one or two little settlements and pretending to make peace with Palestine. For this you must go after Iran.

So, suddenly Iran is a big fat threat to world peace. So say America and Israel. Remember those “weapons of mass destruction” Saddam had? Remember the people who brought you that false information, then ramped it up to invade Iraq? Well, it worked so well the first time they’re trying it again, only THIS time with Iran. Yet even more troubling it confirms beyond ANY doubt, that Israel controls American foreign policy, don’t believe me? Keep reading as I have two points to make here:
Israeli intelligence was involved in editing and creating the sanitized version of information about Iran's recently revealed secret uranium enrichment facility near Qom.
“sanitised” did you catch that special wording there? It means “information was changed” before being shown to those other countries like Britain and France. Sound Familiar? More:
The revelation comes in an interview given by the director of the Central Intelligence Agency Leon Panetta to TIME magazine.

Panetta said that the CIA had known about the facility for at least three years. The CIA chief said he was preparing a dossier which was formulated in concert with British, Israeli, and French intelligence agencies.
Ah, so the US claims it had this information for THREE years? And yet held onto it, never reported it to the IAEA? I say again, Hmmmmm…..more:
If necessary, the document would be presented to the UN's nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy, and to be used in briefings for the international community.
so the briefing the world's leaders are seeing right now was created by the CIA and Israel. And we ALL should trust them, right? And what of this statement regarding the US informing the IAEA: "If necessary? "Anyone find the “timing” of this entire Iran thing suspicious? Anyone remember that waaaaay back in APRIL I posted on this blog RIGHT HERE where I said and showed that Israel was blackmailing Obama for movement on Palestine by using Iran?Israel stated then, in April, that it would not move on any settlements with Palestine until and unless the US sorted out Iran? More on the CIA/Israeli deal:
Fearing that some of the information would be leaked, and in order to protect sources, (What sources? Israel????) the dossier was edited and sanitized by the CIA, which received help from Israeli intelligence officials.
Fearing they may not beat Iran to informing the IAEA of the construction site he means. So it was “Edited and Sanitized by the CIA and Israel” the folks who told you about those Iraqi Weapons of mass destruction the world is still looking for all these years later. NO doubt they will claim that all of this "dossier" is from some "un-named secret source" Just like the Iraq Information. Sanitized and Edited, I mean changed and invented.

So, here’s the logic folks. Iran is building another nuclear facility, this is legal. They are not required to inform the IAEA until 6 months of completion, however they do this anyway, 100% in the right legally. Now, contrast this with America and Israel who” Claim” to have this so called information for three years and who also claim Iran is a huge threat suddenly now. Yet, they keep hidden this “so called” dangerous information until now when it can be used to give Israel what it wants as a bargaining chip for some tiny little concessions for Obama on Palestine. That’s the story. Don’t fall for this again, it’s the same people who brought you Iraq, now they are attempting to fool you again. Remember in April Netanyahu said this to Obama:
Israel will not move ahead on the core issues of peace talks with the Palestinians until it sees progress in US efforts to stop Iran's suspected pursuit of a nuclear weapon and to limit Tehran's rising influence in the region,link
That is called "blackmail" and note that it is Israel who has a longstanding history of attacking other countries in the Middle East, how many has Iran attacked? Answer: “ZERO” Now what Israel really wants is for Iran to become Iraq. Israel cannot stand that there is one strong nation left in the Middle East that could actually hold their own against an Israeli attack. Israel has managed kill off the only other strong power in the region, which was Iraq. Again on a pack of lies and at the expense of American and Iraqi lives. This is all about creating a region where ONLY Israel has nukes and state of the art weapons so that Israel can control the entire region at will. Israel knows there are no nukes, if there were then the US and Israel would never have held onto that “so called” information for three years until right now when it just so happens, Israel wants payment up front from Obama for freezing one or two little settlements and pretending to make peace with Palestine.

War On Iran, brought to you by Israel, the CIA and Obama, Remember Iraq!


Chet said...

Wasn't Iraq enough? Israel's so called intelligence is what got us into that war.

justme said...

They told the white Christians that Muslims want them dead (or bowing on a prayer rug in the direction of Mecca) so I guess everyone (white) thinks the white Christian Man (capital M) is taking care of them. I guess?!

GmcQ said...

what a bunch of crap

Irish4Palestine said...


Why Howdy there Mr. Canadian Zionist. Like forrest Gumps says, Stupid is as Stupid does, perhaps you should read this regarding what I posted:


p.s. should yo be using school computers?

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