27 October 2009



Here we go again, more Zionist racism. This time targeting a young 13 year old child for not being "Jewish" enough. A school in England called the Jews' Free School, has booted the kid out. Why? Because whilst his father is Jewish, his mother is a convert, therefore he's "damaged goods" and far to "Un-Chosen" to attend school with all the other little "Pure" Jewish Kids. After all, Heaven forbid, what if he found a girlfriend and they married GASP! The British court ruled this as racism, but as expected the school is trying to overturn the decision of the courts.

The school claims they are strict about this, but I notice that the same rules don't apply to Madonna or her children from Malawi, who, were Christian when she adopted them. Here's today's racism from the Zionist front in England:
Jewish schools may have to change admissions rules after the Appeal Court held that ethnic tests of Jewishness amount to racial discrimination.

Faith schools may discriminate on religious grounds but the Court of Appeal held that this involved a test of ethnicity - which is unlawful.

The United Synagogue says this will have "a very serious effect".

Range of pupils

The state-funded JFS, formerly the Jews' Free School, is heavily over-subscribed.

It gives preference to applicants whose "Jewish status" is confirmed by the United Synagogue - which requires that the mother be Jewish.

It has pupils from a wide range of religious and cultural backgrounds including from atheist, Catholic or Muslim families - but whose mothers are, in its terms, Jewish.

The boy - named in court only as M - has a Jewish father. His mother converted to the Jewish faith before he was born but had been a Roman Catholic.


The three judges - Lords Justice Sedley and Rimer, and Lady Justice Smith - said it was clear that Jews constituted a racial group defined principally by ethnic origin and additionally by conversion.

To discriminate against a person on the ground that they were or were not Jewish was therefore to discriminate on racial grounds.

"The motive for the discrimination, whether benign or malign, theological or supremacist, makes it no less and no more unlawful."

They said: "The refusal of JFS to admit M was accordingly, in our judgment, less favourable treatment of him on racial grounds.

"This does not mean ... that no Jewish faith school can ever give preference to Jewish children. It means that, as one would expect, eligibility must depend on faith, however defined, and not on ethnicity." source


kenny's sideshow said...

Insane Israeli judicial proclamations...

Irish4Palestine said...

Christ, another Brit, FFS have they not colonized enough already?

These people are truly insane. I think these "Suddenly Found My roots" people are worse then the others. It's like the have lost time to make up for.

evil Bas*ards

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