01 October 2009


Today Israel is starting its next fight, and that fight will be against Jordan. Israel is never content to just “live and exist” in peacefulness with its neighbours. Not happy with only attacking Palestine and possibly Iran, the bloodthirsty Zionists now start to focus on the peaceful nation of Jordan. In a report out today in Ynetnews, a Zionist rag, Israel is beginning a campaign to stop Jordan from developing Nuclear Energy, a right that applies to all nations.
Jerusalem expresses concern over Amman's plans to build nuclear power plant near Great Rift Valley, says it may destabilize sensitive fault line, cause earthquake which may lead to radioactive leak
Notice the subtle message there? Jordan is so stupid that they would build a power plant that would endanger everyone? Of course Israel has to create some “reason” to go after Jordan’s right to nuclear power. After all, Israel cannot just come out and say to the world the real reason which is that Israel wants to be the only country in the entire Middle East that has nuclear power AND nuclear weapons. The Zionist agenda is to keep all Arab Nations in the stone age. So they must create a fabricated fear story in an effort to gain world support should they need it. This is much like the current Iran situation. Why do Israel and the USA not mention that Iran has actually not broken any rules of the IAEA? Under current rules, Iran has 6 months to report any new facilities from completion date. The “new” site is just a construction site, nothing more. Yet Israel, with US assistance, has managed to convince the worlds leaders that everyone is under a nuclear threat. And I thought people would “wise up” after Bush, fat chance! Here’s more from the report today:
Israel wants Jordan to abandon its plan to erect a nuclear power plant near Eilat, fearing building such a plant so close to the Great Rift Valley may endanger the southern resort city.

According to a Thursday report in Yedioth Ahronoth, Jerusalem wants Amman to move the planned power plant to the Aqaba cliffs.
And by merely asking Jordan to “move” the plant, that causes Jordan to have to start all over again and allows Israel to have more time to work out a plan to stop Jordan from building ANY plants. This whilst Israel continues to hide its nuclear weapons from the world, is NOT a signer to the NPT and does NOT allow ANY inspections of its facilities. More:
Jordan and Egypt both want to use nuclear energy in order to generate electricity: Nuclear reactors emit virtually no greenhouse gases and produces relatively chip electrical power.

Israel too has been seeking the US and European Union's agreement to build such a reactor without having to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Jordan is still far from any operational plans, but head of Amman's Atomic Energy Committee declared recently that Jordan will become the first Arab country to employ such a reactor.
Not if Israel has anything to do with it! All Arab countries MUST be kept in the "Stone Age" either by US-Israeli political force, or by Bombing them back to the "Stone Age." Take yur pick.......Oh, and just in case people forgot about this little factoid, let us all remember that Israel is attempting to steal Jordanian land, read about it HERE And Israel also operates a Slave Factory in Jordan, you can read about that HERE.