11 October 2009

Israel Tells America To Eff-Off

Well, no surprises here. Just two days ago Chief Nazi Racist Murder Supporter Avigdor Lieberman said there can be "no peace with Palestine" and that Palestine should just learn to live the way things are. Meaning they will just have to get used to having all their land stolen and their people attacked, invaded and murdered every so many months by Israel.And today, poor George Mitchell, bless him, had a one hour meeting with the evil one Netanyahu, and was told pretty much the same thing. Now, all of these "Isra-hell" supporters who have been "claiming" Israel wants "peace" need to start apologising to the world for being stupid enough to buy the hasbara. The creatures who inhabit that little patch of desert they stole, don't' have any intention of ever making peace. Because the type of peace they speak of is the type of peace that they will create using weapons of mass destruction on an unarmed population when they murder every single Palestinian that won't live as an Israeli slave. And listen up America, you are funding this and supplying the weapons for mass destruction of civilians. This makes America an "enabler" and just as guilty as Israel. If you stand idly by and do nothing when a crime is being committed that makes you an accomplice.
US Middle East envoy George Mitchell has met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a second time on his latest trip aimed at restarting Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

The former US senator met for an hour in Jerusalem with Mr Netanyahu.

He said Washington was pushing for an 'early relaunch' of negotiations and said the US administration was still deeply and fully committed to the vision of a 'viable, independent Palestinian state with contiguous territory'.

But hopes for a breakthrough are faint, with Israel saying Washington's vision of a comprehensive peace deal was unrealistic, and no compromise in site on the thorny issue of Jewish settlements in occupied West Bank. source
Israel is an Evil Rogue State, nothing more