11 October 2009

Israel Looses Another Friend

More and more countries are daring to stand up to the monsters. Recently the EU endorsed it's support for the Goldstone report. Additionally Sweden has fallen out with the War Criminals as well. Now, Turkey has had enough. What with Israel attempting to destroy the 3rd most holy place for Muslims, the Al Aqsa mosque, and barring Muslims from freely worshiping there. Who can blame Turkey, I hope all the Muslims countries drop all relations with the War Criminals, unless and until they become human, if ever...........
Israel said on Sunday that Turkey had excluded it from an air exercise over Turkish territory, leading to the drill's cancellation, in a move an Israeli official described as a blow to NATO and U.S. interests.

Israel's military said in a statement the joint exercise, scheduled to begin on Monday in NATO-member Turkey, takes place every few years but was postponed indefinitely after Ankara removed Israel from the list of participants.

Turkey, a secular Muslim country, has been a key ally to Israel, but relations have cooled over Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan's outspoken criticism of Israel's three-week offensive in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip in December and January. source