06 October 2009

More Trouble For Obama & Israel

"Gaza led to a regional war, the Al-Aqsa Mosque incident leads to a world war."

So, it's not like Obama does not already have enough problems caused and created by Israel. And of course the ones Obama created himself by not standing up to Israel or the Zionist Lobby in America, and recently forcing the PA to drop the Goldstone Report and thus perverting the course of Justice FOR Israel. Or the 3 billion annual "gift" to Israel from the American taxpayer each year that COULD be used for American Health care. Nope, now Israel's racist, Middle East domination plan will now alienate other moderate Arab countries who have close ties with the US. On the heels of the huge Egyptian media vote to boycott Israel we now have Turkey taking a stand. So America, kiss Turkey goodbye. Who will join the STOP ISRAEL campaign next? C'mon Jordan, c'mon, Syria, c'mon Lebanon, c'mon Egypt, join ranks now. Let the Great Arab nations return and make a stand for their religion and people:

Thousands of people called on Turkey to act against the destruction policy, protesting Israeli invasion of Al-Aqsa Mosque in Taksim Square.

Turkish civil society organizations and thousands of people on Monday protested Israeli invasion of Al-Aqsa Mosque and other Jewish provocations in Taksim Square, calling on Turkey to act against the destruction policy.

Started at 17 pm, people from different disticts of Istanbul attended the protest, as well as people from different cities.

Gathered in Taksim Square walked through Galatasaray High School on Istiklal Street, protesters shouted slogans in solidarity with Palestinians to condemn Israeli actions.

The group then burned the Israeli flags.

Authorities banned access to the compound to Muslim men under 50 and over as thousands of Jews gathered at the nearby Western Wall on Monday for prayers marking the week-long holiday of Sukkot.

The Palestinian Authority on Sunday urged the international community to "immediately intervene and bring the question of the Al-Aqsa mosque before the UN Security Council."

Al-Aqsa Mosque is the Muslims' first Qiblah [direction Muslims take during prayers] and the third holiest shrine after Al Ka'bah in Makkah and Prophet Muhammad's Mosque in Madinah, Saudi Arabia.

Its significance has been reinforced by the incident of Al Isra'a and Al Mi'raj — the night journey from Makkah to Al-Quds and the ascent to the Heavens by Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).

Sheikh Azam Al-Khatib, who heads the Islamic trust that manages the compound, said the current tension was caused by Jewish extremists who provoke the Muslim faithful and don't hide their ambition to kick the Muslims out to build a temple."
"Turkey's land"

A joint press statement on behalf of all NGOs was read by Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) Chairman Bulent Yildirim.

Yildirim said in his speech, "Gaza led to a regional war, the Al-Aqsa Mosque incident leads to a world war. Al-Aqsa Mosque must be protected for peace and happiness. Al-Aqsa Mosque does not bleong to only Palestinians, but to all Muslims. All Palestinians will try to overcome the Israeli police barricade, if necessary, to protect Al-Aqsa."

"20 thousand people entered from the Maghreb door and attacked Al- Aqsa, Palestinian youth inside the Mosque tried to prevent them."

"Over 60 Palestinians wounded in Jerusalem. One million Jews are called to attaced to Al- Aqsa by Zionist Israel. The decision to occupy Al-Aqsa until the end of 2009 has been made. The aim is conversion of Aqsa to a synagog."

"We call all sides in Turkey to support Al-Aqsa Mosque,"
the chairman said.

Yildirim said, "This is Turkey's territorial land, a land registered to Turkey. Turkey should respond to this attack as the same way it would respond to any attack on its own land."

"Organization of Islamic Conference should gather immediately and should take several decisions, including cutting all diplomatic relations with Israel, if necessary. Israel's attacks will be shaped according to the reaction from the world,"
he said.

After the speeches, the rally ended peacefully.

The second Palestinian intifada began there in September 2000 after an attempt by Ariel Sharon to enter the mosque, the right-wing politician who became Israeli prime minister the following year. source