09 October 2009

Jeff Gates Agrees With Me On Iran

Damn, Jeff Gates and I think exactly alike. He comes to the very same assessment of this Iran-CIA-Israel thing as I did. On October 8th I wrote my thoughts regarding this and said the following:
Remember those “weapons of mass destruction” Saddam had? Remember the people who brought you that false information, then ramped it up to invade Iraq? Well, it worked so well the first time they’re trying it again, only THIS time with Iran. Yet even more troubling it confirms beyond ANY doubt, that Israel controls American foreign policy, don’t believe me? Keep reading as I have two points to make here: Israeli intelligence was involved in editing and creating the sanitized version of information about Iran's recently revealed secret uranium enrichment facility near Qom.
And just about half an hour ago I find this by Jeff Gates:
The lead-up to the first US-Iran talks in three decades saw a replay of the same modus operandi that induced the US and its allies to invade Iraq in March 2003.

Then as now, the invasion of Iran is consistent with a regime change agenda for Greater Israel described in a 1996 strategy document prepared by Jewish-Americans for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

As with Iraq, the threat of weapons of mass destruction is again marketed as a causa belli. As with Iraq, the claim is disputed by weapons inspectors and intelligence analysts. The Iraqi programme had been shut down a dozen years before the invasion. In Iran, there is no evidence that uranium is being enriched beyond the low levels required for energy and medical purposes.

Reports of a “secret” processing plant failed to note that Iran suspended uranium enrichment from 2003 until 2005. Seeing no change in the political climate except more sanctions and more Israeli threats to bomb its nuclear sites, Iran began building and equipping a new facility.

Citing Iran’s “covert” facility, Wolfowitz claims it is “clear that Iran’s rulers are pursuing nuclear weapons…Time is running out.” Without a hint of irony, he argues that Iran (not Israel) “is a crucial test of whether the path to a nuclear-free world is a realistic one or simply a dangerous pipe dream.” In calling for “crippling sanctions,” Howard Berman, Jewish chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, expressed similar concerns as did Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, senior Republican on the Committee and also Jewish.
If pro-Israelis cannot induce a war with Iran, the ensuing stability will enable people to identify who fixed the intelligence that deceived the US to invade Iraq. Only one nation possesses the means, motive, opportunity and stable nation state intelligence to mount a covert operation over the lengthy period required to pre-stage, staff, orchestrate and successfully cover-up such an act.

The evidence points to the same network of government insiders and media proponents now hyping Iran. Who benefitted from war with Iraq? Who benefits from war with Iran? Not the US or its allies unless, despite the evidence, Israel is viewed as an ally—rather than an enemy within.source
However my assessment includes one more reason, that reason is movement/concession by Israel on some kind of deal for Obama over Palestine. You can read all of my assessment here

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TruthSeeker said...

It should not take a genious to understand that that is true, or else one should be having troubles with his short and long term memories.

I heard than Napoleon Bonabarte said: "cherchez la femme/seek the woman", meaning that there is a women behind every crime.

Although, I do not believe in Napoleon's quote, I do belive that "There's an Israeli hand (Mossad) behind every crime"

This nasty nation; Israel, is such a pain in the arse.

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