06 October 2009

Would YOU Trust Palestine's Future To THIS Man?

This is farcical. President Abbas(I mean Israeli Agent US controlled Abbas)
I now "blaming" his "Aides" for "telling him to withdraw support for the Goldstone Report" Seriously........Kinda makes ya wonder doesn't it now? Either Abbas is so stupid that he does whatever he's told, and he is "surrounded" with fellow Israeli Agents who advised him to sell out Palestine, to which his reply was "sure, no problem!" Or, he acted on his own, told the Palestinian representative to the UN to drop the support and is now attempting to save his sorry arse from his own people.

Either way, this "man" cannot be trusted to be in ANY position what so ever to take part i ANY negotiations regarding the future of Palestine OR its people. He has NO mandate for those actions any longer. Therefore he must be removed and replaced immediately by persons who are loyal to the Palestinian people and nation and who will carry out their duties in the best interest of freedom for Palestine. I doubt you could find one Palestinian who would trade their freedom for a cellular network to improve phone service. That's like saying the Slaves in America would have been happy enough to live in a nice house in trade for their freedom.
Abbas blames aides for motion's removal

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is considering firing a number of his top aides who advised him to withdraw a motion to the UN Human Rights Council regarding the findings of the commission of inquiry led by Justice Richard Goldstone into Operation Cast Lead. source