14 October 2009

Abbas AGAIN Grabs At Straws

The Goldstone Report issue that won't go away.
Yesterday it was all the fault of HAMAS. So said the traitor Abbas. But now today he says this:
“Abbas said in his speech that he was fully responsible for the decision, that someone advised him to make it and that the advice was wrong;
And my question is, is this a man who should be involved in negotiations with Israel for the future of Palestine? If he is incapable of realising ahead of time that this decision was wrong? Is he the Palestinian President or not? A man who could even consider this from his so called "aides" is in no condtion to represetnt he Palestinian people. Because he is so disconnected that he failed to even understand his own people. Time for him to go. More:
he admitted he made a mistake and said he would make it up,” Sha’ath told listeners and participants.
Sorry, but how old is he? Oh, I'm sorry I dropped a report that finally might bring some justice to my people. But never mind, I'll make it up to you by giving you a flashy new mobile phone service, Yippee! I would challenge Abbas to find one single Palestinian that would be willing to trade away their rights for a new phone company supplied by Israel. more:
“This is why there will be a new meeting of the Human Rights Council,” he added.
No, the reason for the "new" meeting is Libya, not ABBAS and thank God for Libya! For were it not for the worlds outcry for Justice and for Libya's request, that report would be lining some UN rubbish bin right now.

Abbas has lost his mind..........

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Saladin said...

This is all a very big joke!
People need to finaly understand that you canot keep track of whats happening in the palestine if you dont look it as a very big conspiracy!!and i mean everything,every word of fatah,usa and of course israel is a very big conspiracy!!
Abbas is an israeli puppet,so its very idiotic to look at him as palestinian.when abbas speaks hes basicly repeating netanyahu words that he recived by mobile phone earlier!its the same thing like netanyahu was talking on that conference,and still palestinian listens to him what he says,every word and saying things like,its will be better in the future or other bull.... things!
i am not a God or a mind reader to know excatly what will happen in the future but everyone who belives in the fairytales like-Hamas and fatah will make true peace again,usa will back unity palestinian goverment,and they will pressure israel to withdrowal,the refuges will return,jesusalem will be the capital of palestine and the whole world will finaly read in the news what genocide things israelis have been doing for the last 61 years is A CRAZY PERSON!!
so irish,abbas didnt lost his mind,quite oposite,he just folows to the details israeli instructions and he and his family after him will live somewhere in very rich and relaxed way with all the milions israeli will give him!
he will ride on his yacht,spend holidays on some luxury island,spend his winter in some huge house and enjoy his life while palestinians will live in some kind of israeli gheto called,palestinian authority who is partialy free but very much in the control of the zionists!

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