16 October 2009

UPDATE #1: Goldstone UN Discussions

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Press TV this morning had some live coverage of the Goldstone discussion from the UN which I watched intently. This is from their website:
Supporting the recommendations of the report, the UN

High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, said that both Israeli and Palestinian leaders should launch independent investigations of alleged war crimes in Gaza to help rebuild trust and support peace. (note that I believe this will untimately be what Israel decides to do, in order to avoid the ICC or other court procedings in the world. This way they have control over the investigation. It will be another "nothing" investigation where only one or two are mildly "punished") She told the 47-member body that impartial and prompt investigations into reported violations should be conducted. She said that although international law is being violated in the occupied territories, the transgressors were being left unpunished. Israel has also limited access of Palestinians to their properties and holy sites and that Israel must stop excavation work around the Al-Aqsa Mosque as well as other Christian and Islamic holy sites, Pillay cited.
Additionally I was able to watch human rights group, after human rights group asking the members to vote to support International Law and the report. As each one spoke the overall theme was the same, International Law must be upheld, Israel must not be allowed to continue as it has, unchecked and above the Law.

The vote count should carry a majority of members for support of the report today. I note that the US will vote AGAINST the report, and I say again, when will Americans wake up and “get it” that your Government is creating Anti-American sentiment worldwide because you help war criminals pervert the course of Justice. At least Britain’s Gordon Brown will “abstain” from voting for or against today, and this was not easy feat given the Netanyahu has been banging him over the head to vote “against” the report like the US will. Never thought I’d say this, but at least Britain has more balls than America, willing to stand up to “some degree” to Israel by abstaining, whilst America just does what it’s told. I wonder how Americans feel not being in control of their own country and having to do what ever Israel tells you to do all the time. America is a captive Nation, and American foreign Policy is run by Israel. If this continues America will soon become exactly like Israel. Americans will live inside a giant self made prison, like Israel. Simply because the world will hate America so much. This is what Israel wants, they want Americans to be hated as much as they are hated, then America and Israel can be the two pariah countries, when Americans travel they will not be welcomed as they travel the world, and America's claim of “democracy” will be laughed at by the world’s population, except of course Israel, your only friend left. This is America’s future, get ready, its coming.